Design your business, your way in just one day.

Learn how to go from an idea to a business. I’ll teach you how to come up with the name of your business, how to design your logo and your website all on your own with easy to use apps all in one day!

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Hi. I’m Eric, Founder of Fire Your Designer

I have worked with a variety of notable companies such as Nike, Adidas, Complex Media, and Def Jam. While living in New York City as a Designer, after a being an employee for years, in 2015 I took the leap to work for myself delivering web, branding and design solutions to small businesses.  Now with Los Angeles as my home base, my aim is to help people start or restart their own business. I share the strategies to help the wantrepreneur become the entrepreneur.

Find out which apps I used to help me start working for myself.

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Here’s what you’ll learn

• How to pick a name for your business

• How to form your new business

• How to design your new logo

• How to secure your url and server

• How to design your own website

• How to get your future client’s attention

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Put the power back into your hands and design for your own business. Get started today.