How to get your follower’s attention quick-fast

, Designer. You can find me at the local cafe reading, drinking a latte.

Ever been on Instagram and almost get caught up by a perfectly pictured thirst trap?

What if we could get our follower’s / client’s attention just as fast?

We can.

Here’s one way we can cut through the noise and create the opportunity to show what we have to offer.

Show up.

Show out.

Show off.


Well thats four ways. Another major key is always give more than expected.

Here are the tools to use to stay in front of your audience and get their attention:


Design straight from the iPhone. Over is a powerful tool! From logos to flyers, single art, cover art and even motion graphics, Over will get the job done.


Schedule your Instagram posts with In addition to IG, you can schedule your posts for Twitter, Pinterest and more with Later.


A quick and easy way to create your blog. With Medium you can pen your thoughts in no time. When you write your articles make sure you ask your readers for some claps! You even have the opportunity to get paid for your writing. Similar to the mobile podcasting app Anchor which I’ll talk about in a second.


Don’t sleep on email. Still one of the best ways to get the attention of your audience. Use the logo and flyers made with over and put them in your newsletter and talk directly to your subscribers.


Another great one here. Anchor puts the whole podcast in your pocket. This is like voice memo meets Apple podcasts. Record your content on your phone, hit publish and boom. Your podcast is ready for the masses to enjoy on all of the major platforms.

Use these apps to show your following exactly who you are and what you have to offer. Show up on their timelines frequently, consistently with value and you’ll win! (Click the app logo icons above to go to each app’s website)

Happy Hustling.


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