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Go from wantrepreneur to entrepreneur in the time it takes to do laundry on a Saturday

One of my daughter’s favorite songs is Freedom by Pharrell. Let me tell you when this song comes on, she goes wild. Every time he yells “Freedom!” she sings it right along with him but 10 times louder.

Listen to this post here 🔊

It’s a wonderful experience for me to hear her shout it out loud and proud alongside Skateboard P.

Lately, I’ve been looking into freedom, defining it. We can agree that freedom is having choices, good choices and the ability to select what we like, when we like. Yes?

Cool. So, as we age and experience life, we become heavy with stress. We start to let our past dictate our future and our friends influence our lives and boom, we are living a life we cannot stand. And to add on to that craziness, we actually make the decisions that lead to living the same life we don’t like. We do a little complaining to those specific friends that will listen, maybe do a twitter rant, an impulse buy or a thirsty selfie for some likes and the cycle continues.


. . .

A friend of mine asked me an intriguing question not too long ago. He asked do I ever sit back and critique my life as if it were a painting. (We went to college together both as traditional Illustration majors so this analogy was that much more accurate in our conversation) This got me to thinking. I began to do exactly what he asked. I began to stand back and look at my life, look at my habits and my decisions.

Now, I have the opportunity to ask that same question to you.

Do you ever sit back and critique your life as if it were a painting?

We have the availability and capacity to shape and mold our lives based off of our actions, habits, friends, goals, and motives. What a time to be alive.

. . .

Once, in a group chat with my childhood friends who are now my adulthood friends, I began to complain about specific entrepreneurial challenges. My friends were all ears, they were there to help me, they let me vent a little, they sent me vibes, blessings and one even sent some cash. I was thankful for all of it. I never knew what would come next though.

My one friend who sent the cash described how was I acting. Before that, he indeed showed me empathy, he is an entrepreneur himself, he truly understands the rollercoaster of working for yourself or on an idea, side hustle or product. Shortly after that share, however, he went on to tell me with encouragement never to accept the role of the victim again. He enlightened me that I crossed the thin line of sharing challenging moments to woe is me. It was that message he sent me that sounds off in my head daily now as I work through problems.

Challenges in life, in work or in any profession are a gift and a time to find a solution, a time to learn and build experiences that can teach and help others how to navigate that very same issue in the near future.

I am thankful for that entire exchange.

Tools and Action Items

I love me a good tool but I’ll tell you right now I can’t put anything from Ikea together. In this case, the tools are apps and links and resources to help people build their own avenues of freedom.

One way to get closer to freedom, to increase choices is to be your own boss. Now, hold up. Being your boss doesn’t require quitting your job or anything too drastic. Make a plan and work that plan like water torture, one drop at a time. You can be your own boss with a side hustle. You can get it in while maintaining a full time job.

Here are some questions to ask that can help get things started:

What’s the one thing that you do best, can charge the most and give people great value?

What problems can you solve in such a unique way people will trade their money for your solution?

Follow up questions can be:

Who is my ideal customer? What do they do? What do they like? Where do they get their information? What social media platform do they get their content from? How can I reach them?

Now roughly you’re ready to attack. Time to pick a business name. So back to the tools.

Tool: Hatchful

Then let’s say its time to design a logo

Tool: Canva

Then let’s say its time to promote your service. We’ll go with a one-two punch combination of Instagram and email.

Tools: Instagram & MailChimp

Then let’s say you need a basic website, like super basic, like you have to make it during your lunch break so you can get this client before they lose interest.

Tool: About Me

Then let’s say you need to schedule a kick off call with this client and simply refuse to go back and forth via text or email about availability.

Tool: Calendly

Then let’s say its time to get that money! Two punch tool combo again: (for time tracking and invoicing) + (for collecting payment) PayPal integrates seamlessly with plus is so pretty and has a great app and web interface.


You’re in business. Literally. Pop a bottle and celebrate!

The cool thing about all of this, not only is it your own business, with your vision, values, and uniqueness, all of this can be done on a Saturday before dinner.

These are the quick but powerful steps that can be taken to begin a life of freedom.

For details on how to do this, I also just launched my course where we really go in step by step on how to create a business by finding a name, designing a logo and building a one page website in one day.

Happy Hustling!


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