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So apparently, Shopify is a one stop shop. They provide the ability to come up with a name for your business, a logo and what their known for, an e-commerce website for your business. This is convenience at it’s finest. Shopify makes it so you don’t have to go anywhere else to get up and running. It is truly amazing.

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Shopify’s main product is their e-commerce platform. Here you’re able to select from free or premium themes usually costing from $150 – $180. You select your theme begin customizing it with photos, logos, text, product and product descriptions. Shortly after, your website will be up and running and looking pretty damn good.

Within the platform you are able to select a new domain name or use a domain name that you already have and connect it to your Shopify platform. You won’t have to worry about hosting the site and servers or any of that stuff that starts to get way to complex way too fast. With the proper planning and accessibility to assets and content, you can have your Shopify store up from start to finish in a matter of hours. Yes, hours, not days and definitely not weeks.

But lets back up a tad. To begin, how about the business name.

Fire Your Designer Shopify Business Name

If you’re ready for a new name for your business you can select one from tons of options the Shopify name generator offers you. All you have to do is enter a word or two that describes your business or words that you’d like included in the name and boom. Say less. The Shopify name generator pulls up all of the options you need to come to a decision. It works kind of like Google, meaning, you can check the results, refine your search and look again until you discover what you like.

Fire Your Designer Shopify Biz Name

In addition to the business name, there is also a slogan generator. That added bonus is pretty cool. Think about some of the slogans you remember from brands like “I’m lovin it” by McDonalds or “Think Different” by Apple. Maybe Think Different was more of a campaign, but it stuck so lets say its a slogan at this point. Regardless, you can select a slogan to match your new business name and that solves one of the initial roadblocks when starting to bring a new idea to life.

Fire Your Designer Hatchful

Usually after that comes the logo. Once more, Shopify has you covered. You don’t have to post random cries for help on Instagram or Facebook looking for designers. While having someone design your logo is always an option, the Shopify logo generator now known as Hatchful allows you to get it done yourself. And on top of all of that, it’s free! You don’t need any design experience, its an easy way to get a nice looking logo that incorporates your business name and slogan.

Fire Your Designer Logo 2

The third piece to this trifecta is the website. Using Shopify, you can find a theme you love, add your logos, photos and products, size them, reconfigure them just as you like and publish your web site. You can enter all of the important information from your banking to make sure you get paid to your contact to enable communication with your customers. There are even prewritten terms and conditions, return policy and privacy policy pages so all you have to do is add your company name plus other specific items that relate to your business and you’re set! Shopify does come with a price of $30 a month but not to worry because the profits from your service or products will pay for that expense real quick.

Fire Your Designer Shopify Offers

These three items alone are powerful enough to get a business started online quickly. There is always time to revise and refine but making a move with the resources listed above all from Shopify can make a major change in the trajectory of your business. These are the tools that take an idea, a wish and a dream and turn them into real life achievements.

Comment below on how you got started with Shopify.

Happy Hustling.


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