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Project: Start Water


View: Landing page, product design, Instagram


Tools: Sketch, Photoshop, Readymag


An alternative look at a landing page for a product I’m developing called Start Water. The goal is to help increase hydration, focus and energy and push people to start their next project or simply the next moment in their day with water.

The slogan I came up with is Hydrate & Look Great. I used a glass bottle to get away from the harmful effects of plastic and so that the bottle can be reused for pencils, pens, flowers and more after use.

Included in the water is green tea and ginkgo biloba + blueberry, mint and lemon flavors.

Next is updating the ebook that describes the benefits of the water (free when subscribing to the email list) and finishing the amazon shop so the “drink” button works 😃



Fire Your Designer Start Water Instagram


Product design photos for web and of course for the gram.


Start Water in Sketch

A look at desktop, blog and mobile art boards in Sketch. I had to include this photo of the product as inspiration to get me some marble countertops in my actual kitchen. Love me a marble countertop.


Start Water for Medium


Medium being used as the blog platform. In the screens above, you see the blog designed in Sketch. Instead of building those pages out in Readymag (the tool I use to develop) I wanted to keep up my momentum and not lose time so I went with Medium. Also used Medium for the claps and shares already embedded within the app.


Start Water blog post 1


Blog post 1 📝 I usually write the copy for my products and my ideas myself, here is another instance where I took to the keyboard to get better at creating copy.

Fire Your Designer Start Water bottle design


Doing it for the online store and the gram, again. In my experience, bootstrapping as an entrepreneur while loving buying new books, I used beautiful books as a background in this pic. Girlboss has my favorite web platform of the books while CR Fashion book is simply captivating.

View Start Water here.


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