Airplay To Lg Tv From Iphone

AirBeamTV last week launched an iOS app that let you mirror and iPhone or iPad screen to a Samsung television without the need for an Apple TV box. It’s today announced a separate version that works with LGs televisions …

Connect the device to the Apple TV. Make sure that both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Swipe up (from the bottom of your screen) to access the control panel. On this pop-up panel, you can see the option of “AirPlay.”. Connect your iOS device and Apple TV or AirPort Express to the same Wi-Fi network. On your iOS device, swipe up from the bottom of your screen to access Control Center. AirPlay allows you to wirelessly cast audio or video from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac to an Apple TV or an AirPlay 2-compatible smart TV, as long as your device is connected to the same Wi-Fi as the TV. You can connect an iPhone to your LG Smart TV using a third-party app. The free TV Assist app allows you to connect your iPhone to an LG Smart TV and mirror any content on your iPhone to the TV.

Airplay to lg tv from iphone 11

“Last week we released the iOS app for Samsung TV”, says Jan van Ottele, co-founder and CEO. “Today, I am pleased to announce that our development team has finalized the LG TV version of the Mirror app for iPhone and iPad. There are numerous apps in the App Store that you can use to send photos and videos to LG TVs, but this is the only app that will allow you to mirror exactly what is on the screen of your iPhone or iPad to TV.”

Airplay To Lg Tv From Iphone

I noted a few limitations last time, and these apply equally to the LG version.

There are a few things to note. First, there is between one and three seconds of latency, so it’s obviously not suitable for gaming. Second, it won’t work for DRM-enabled apps, like Netflix. Finally, you don’t get any audio when mirroring from Safari.

Put the last couple of issues together, and you’re probably not going to be using it to watch movies, which is a shame, but you can view your own photos and video, as well as use it for most other apps.

You also need an iOS device with enough processing power, which is an iPhone 6s or later, and any iPad Pro or 5th generation iPad.

Airplay To Lg Tv From Iphone

Airplay To Lg Tv From Iphone Xr


The app is a $4.99 purchase from the App Store, the same as the Samsung version. A version for the Mac costs $9.99. The video below shows how to use it.

Airplay To Lg Tv From Iphone 11

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