Annotated Outline Example

  1. What Is Annotated Presentation Outline

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An annotated timeline template displays a list of dates along with a brief summary detailing the importance of each date that illustrate the big picture of an era as well as help the readers to understand main events that happened during that time. Generally these timelines includes historical events, the date of the historical event occurred and detailing the importance of the historical events. The basic objective of this timeline is to condense information into small manageable chunks. Normally an annotated timeline has the date aligned on the left and the annotation directly next to it which is usually separated by dash or colon.


Importance of Annotated Timeline Template

Usually it is used for listing or explaining some important event in a chronological way which will also look professional and presentable. It helps you in listing all the important points with their concise description. It helps to understand the real essence of your story. It will reduce your work load and your content will be partitioned in such a way that everyone will understand it by having a single look of your template. It is very important to use proper format while writing annotation, it should not be too long. The theme of your template should depict your event.

Details of Annotated Timeline Template

Generally an annotated timeline template includes minimum 15 to 20 dates and events that are most vital to understanding the theme of your choice as well as briefly interpret each event maximum in three sentences. Usually each event on this timeline includes some basic information such as date of the event, the names of the people involved in the event, the actions that happened in that event as well as importance of the event. Basically select those dates and events that are most important to understanding you subject and the number of dates you select depends on your scope but they all must relevant to your subject.


Benefits of Annotated Timeline Template

What Is Annotated Presentation Outline

Generally nowadays the annotated timeline template is an interactive time series line charts with alternative annotations. These timelines comes up in an alternative pattern of presentation which will help to prevent overlapping of events and other information. These timelines allow the reader with a complete overview of the historical events. This timeline also explain how the events are related and how they changed the course of history. Here are some basic points to create an annotated timeline such as first organize your timeline in chronological order, add the title, ensures that your timeline is visually attractive as well as easy to read, annotations should clearly and briefly explain the importance of the event.