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Australian wine regions are governed by the Geographic Indicators GI system. All are shown on this colourful map. You can display it in your bar or wine cellar, wherever you enjoy wine and company. The map is a great conversation starter.


In Victoria, cooler climate varieties do very well, including Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Learn where your favorite Australian wines come from and explore new regions. Australia Wine Map Areas Western Australia South Australia New South Wales Queensland Victoria Tasmania Print Edition Durable, water and tear resistant polyart high density paper. 16 maps of the wine-growing regions. One region per map; also for download for printing. Wine Region Maps Argentina Australia Austria Bulgaria Canada Chile Croatia France Germany Greece Hungary Italy New Zealand Portugal Romania South Africa Spain United Kingdom United States.

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Wine In Australia

Australia offers a wide range of wine regions and wines. Australia’s climates range from the cold Adelaide Hills to the cool Mornington Peninsula to the warm Hunter Valley.

While Australia has about 60 wine regions, the country has 103 “defined geographic indications” for wine growing districts covering zones, regions and sub-regions. The major wine producing Australian States are Australian Capital Territory (ACT), New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, which is Australia's 2nd largest state, South Australia, Tasmania, which is the compact island state, Victoria where the most wineries are in this 'Garden State', and Western Australia.
Australian wine production, mutually in quantity and quality, continues to be a primary feature of Australian history. The first vineyards were established in the 1830's in areas and by names that are still known today. Australia has some well established wine styles that are uniquely its own, guided by the splendid fortified Muscat wines. Australia is also well known for its Shiraz (known as Syrah in the Rhône Valley in France) and Cabernet Sauvignon based red wines. Australian sparkling red is another popular style, and specific regions are producing incredible wines with the Semillon grape.

Australia is not only a nation controlled by the desert- rimmed red rock or a tropical land surrounding the Great Barrier Reef, it is a modern, sophisticated city in a temperate climate near the coast. Australia is a large country with topography encompassing the cool foothills of the Tasmanian highlands with high rainfall areas in Victoria and New South Wales, the temperate maritime regions of South Australia and Western Australia and the tropical rainforests of Queensland. The soil types across Australia vary from deep black volcanic loams to sandy soils above gravel and rich red clays over limestone. These soil types provide the foundation for Australian wines. Sydney, Australia’s largest city, is near latitudes’ 34th parallel, similar to Spain’s Seville, while Melbourne is cooler, on the 38th parallel, is the southern hemisphere equivalent to Sicily and San Francisco. The State capitals of Adelaide and Perth lie between these two latitudes while Hobart is Australia’s southern most capital city.

Australia has a long history of viticulture. Wine grape growing began soon after the arrival of European settlers in Australia with grapevines among the cargo of the First Fleet of 1788. In 1831, viticulturist James Busby undertook a three-month tour of Spain and France and returned with a collection of 543 vine cuttings (362 of which survived) and started the first vineyard in Sydney’s Botanic Gardens, Victoria and South Australia. Some of the oldest vines in the world are in Australia, because most of the nation’s wine regions escaped the plague of phylloxera, which wiped out many ancient plantings in Europe during the 1800s.

What Is The Best Wine Region In Australia

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The Wine Map of Australia by Max Allen

With text by leading Australian wine writer Max Allen, this map shows the precise locations of the country’s 4500-plus vineyards, mapped by industry leaders, VineFinders™. The map is printed on 100% recycled stock, using metallic ink to beautifully highlight the landforms, helping both to define the topography and differentiate the wine regions.

We’ve seriously been looking for a map like this since we started our adventure! Absolutely awesome — made us realise we’ve got to get the kombi into gear. —The Qwoff Boys

Wine map of australia

Max Allen writes in the map’s introduction:

Australian Wineries Wine Regions

“Ever since European settlers first poked a few fragile young grapevines into Australian soil in the late 1700s, generation after generation of pioneers and prospectors have coaxed flavour from the land. Over the centuries, many deliciously distinctive wines have emerged, from fine and delicate sparkling wine on the windswept coast of Tasmania to dark and treacly fortified wines in the hot inland vineyards of Rutherglen. Our map charts these unique combinations of country, climate and culture.”

The map, published in 2010, is available folded, laminated, or flat (rolled). Pay by credit card or Paypal, and we’ll be happy to ship it to you no matter what continent you’re on.

Australian Wine Regions Map

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Australian Wine Regions Map

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