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[A]s a comprehensive retrospective is set to open at London’s Barbican, we consider perhaps the most stylish of all artists, the seminal New York painter Jean-Michel Basquiat. Basquiat’s paintings, informed by his love of graffiti and the harsh times and deep-seated injustices that defined 1980s NYC, Basquiat’s work is some of the most influential in Post-war art. A closer look at his wardrobe suggests he was also a pioneer when it came to fashion.

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Basquiat’s wardrobe was distinctive, whether he was in mismatched blazer and trousers with striped shirt and clashing tie, or patterned shirt with a leather jacket pushed off his shoulders. Clothing as a canvas Fashion not only often found its way on Basquiat, but also the other way around: His paintings were featured on clothing and products numerous times, from Uniqlo and Urban Outfitters to Givadaun Fragrances which put his art on a candle or Urban Decay, which released a Basquiat-dedicated Make-Up range in 2017.

Make no distinction between casual and formalwear

Checked blazers with sports tees, high-end suits with bare feet,dress shirts with leather jackets. Basquiat’s collage-like approach to fashion has recurred on runways throughout the past decade. Combining the benefits of sleek silhouettes with the casual iconoclasm of sportswear functions as an agitation against the establishment, especially uptight gallerists and down town suits.

Apparently pre-occupied with creating the most brilliant art of his generation, Basquiat had little time for the earthly pursuits of ironing, washing his sneakers, or making sure his tiny-knotted tie was anywhere near his top button. And if you get paint on your Armani suit? Wear it anyway.

Make (more) statements with accessories

Basquiat Fashion


Basquiat Inspired Fashion


Brooches, red socks, Issey Miyake eyewear, fedoras, oversized beanies, scarves, paintbrushes Basquiat was a master of a well-chosen, elevating accessory. The artist was frequently photographed wearing wide-brimmed hats and had a collection of sculptural, alternative sunglasses, including the above futuristic pair by Issey Miyake.

Jean-michel Basquiat Fashion Designer

Own your signature style

Jean-michel Basquiat Fashion Designer

Basquait was famously loyal to the brands he loved the most. During his time in Los Angeles he was frequently spotted on the city’s boutique destination Rodeo Drive where he would shop for his beloved Armani suits a size or two too large. He was also a longtime disciple of Commes des Garçons for whom he walked in 1987 and Issey Miyake, too, was a favourite label of the artist. Sticking close to these brands and consistently following his own rules enabled Basquiat to develop the distinct personal style that went on to establish him not just as a seminal artist but as a style icon as well.