Blend For Visual Studio 2019

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  2. Blend needs to be separate because its primarily for a Designer/UX role that isn't comfortable with the breadth of Visual Studio. We have plenty of other solutions that have two overlapping tools: I can insert an Excel spreadsheet in Word but when I need to do an if/then analysis I use excel.
  1. Format Document Not Available? : VisualStudio
  2. Microsoft Visual Studio Blend

I'm fairly new to Visual Studio. Lately, I installed BrickLink Studio. For some reason, Blend for Visual Studio appeared too. I also have regular Visual Studio Community 2019. I was thinking about removing it via the Visual Studio Installer. Tried the built-in uninstaler in the Control Panel. Absent there too. Developer community 2. Search Search See full list on

Blend For Visual Studio 2019

Format Document Not Available? : VisualStudio

Blend For Visual Studio 2019Blend For Visual Studio 2019

Microsoft Visual Studio Blend

ver 2.9: Correct only the changed portions without auto formatting

Now your VSCode can mutate to an interactive visual & literal SVG editor 😎

You can create shapes using the SVG's coder or directly creating shapes with the shaping tool.


svgeditor.openSvgEditorOpen SVG Editor
svgeditor.newSvgEditorNew File with SVG Editor
svgeditor.reopenRelatedTextEditorReopen Text Editor Related to Current SVG Editor


svgeditor.filenameExtensionInitial filename extension of new untitled file.svg
svgeditor.widthInitial width of new untitled file.400px
svgeditor.heightInitial height of new untitled file.400px
svgeditor.defaultUnitSpecifies the unit when creating some shapes.null
svgeditor.decimalPlacesThe number of decimal places.1
svgeditor.collectTransformMatrixCollect two or more transform functions into a matrix.true
svgeditor.additionalResourcePathsAdditional resource directory paths SVG Editor can access.
svgeditor.useStyleAttributeUse style attribute instead of presentation attriubte when there are no previous specifications.false
svgeditor.indentStyleIndent style for
svgeditor.indentSizeIndent size of spaces for auto-formatting.4


deletebackspace / delete
zoom inoem_plus
zoom outoem_minus
bring forwardpageup
send backwardpagedown
align leftctrl+alt+numpad4
align rightctrl+alt+numpad6
align bottomctrl+alt+numpad2
align topctrl+alt+numpad8
object to pathshift+ctrl+c
rotate clockwisectrl+]
rotate counterclockwisectrl+[
rotate clockwise by the angle step]
rotate counterclockwise by the angle step[
center verticalctrl+alt+h
center horizontalctrl+alt+t

Current support tags and attributes

  • *: id, class, style
  • svg: xmlns, xmlns:xlink, version, viewBox, x, y, width, height
  • circle: cx, cy, r, 🎨
  • rect: x, y, width, height, rx, ry, 🎨
  • ellipse: cx, cy, rx, ry, 🎨
  • polyline/polygon: points, 🎨
  • path: d, 🎨
  • text: x, y, dx, dy, textLength, lengthAdjust, 🎨
  • g: 🎨
  • defs: 🎨
  • linearGradient: 🎨
  • radialGradient: 🎨
  • stop: offset, stop-color, 🎨
  • image: x, y, width, height, xlink:href, href, 🎨
  • use: x, y, width, height, xlink:href, href, 🎨
  • style
  • script

🎨(presentation attributes): fill, fill-rule, stroke, stroke-width, stroke-linecap, stroke-linejoin, stroke-dasharray, stroke-dashoffset, transform, font-family, font-size, font-style, font-weight



Localtion (xlink:)href refers to is restricted with your workspace, extension and svgeditor.additionalResourcePaths directories due to vscode-resource scheme settings.

Future plans

  • [x] Embedded CSS
  • [x] Gradient colors
  • [x] Images
  • [x] Correct only the changed portions without auto formatting
  • [ ] Filters
  • [ ] Animations