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As a sample you can download a PDF version of the Bordeaux Map above from De Long's Wine Info. Scroll down for the free map. For over a decade De Long Wine Info have been producing beautiful wine maps showing in fine detail the regions of the major wine countries. The maps are expertly printed on heavyweight acid-free archival paper. Jul 27, 2015 - Click here to download a pdf of SWE’s map of the: Figure 9-7 Wine Regions of Bordeaux Note: The maps and diagrams on this site are the intellectual property of the Society of Wine Educators.

The actual dimensions of the Bordeaux map are 1734 X 2368 pixels, file size (in bytes) - 530839. You can open this downloadable and printable map of Bordeaux by clicking on the map itself or via this link: Open the map.
Bordeaux Wine Map Pdf
The actual dimensions of the Bordeaux map are 466 X 350 pixels, file size (in bytes) - 85453. You can open, download and print this detailed map of Bordeaux by clicking on the map itself or via this link: Open the map.
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Bordeaux wine map pdf freeMap It is also worth noting that water transportation is also common in the country. For the most part, it is represented by comfortable ferries that run between France and England, as well as between France and Ireland. Also very popular among tourists are cruise ships and ferries, which go straight to Corsica from Marseille or Toulon. In the vicinity of Paris, especially in the midst of tourist seasons, there are various small pleasure boats from which tourists will have the opportunity of seeing the various surrounding sights. The ships differ in classes, depending on the service and the cultural program. … Open

Economy roadmap of France

Also, recently, France began actively investing in shipbuilding, and electrical engineering. The Country is rich in Iron, Uranium ores, as well as Potassium salts. This provided a solid foundation for the development and improvement of the Mining Industry. It should be noted that non-ferrous metallurgy in France is also developed at a very high level, and contemporary shops for steelmaking occupy the leading positions in the world ratings on equipment and quality of production. As far as power generation is concerned, France is able to provide half the country’s own raw material. They continue to obtain bituminous coal in some regions of France. However, its share in the energy balance is less than 6%. Oil stockpiles in the country are limited. The significant dependence of France on the import of oil is still observed even today. Gas reserves in the country are also severely depleted, so the state annually tries to reduce the amount of its production. … Open
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People in Bordeaux know how to have fun like nowhere else. Thus, at the end of May, Les Epicuriales begins that lasts until early June. It is an extraordinarily interesting holiday of food and drinks regularly attended by many tourists from all over Europe; the festival is highly appreciated among gourmets. At this time, Allées-de-Tourny is filled with amazing smells that can not be confused with anything else - … Open

Hotels for romantic escape

Spectacular Villa Cosy is mainly aimed at loving couples. Each of its three rooms is unique in its own way. One room is decorated in the style of the past and has beautiful antique furniture made of light wood. The second room, on the contrary, features an ultra-modern style and has a large round bed, as well as a drapery made of bright satin fabrics. The third, minimalist-style room, it is dominated by black and … Open

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Fans of Victor Hugo would be rather interested in walking through the street of his name, where there is the most amazing parking lot in the city. This unusual attraction is strongly recommended to tourists who're always looking for original photos while traveling. It is quite easy to distinguish this parking space from the others - its fencing is broken by a green Jaguar. If you visit Bordeaux in the summer, … Open

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Bordeaux wine map pdf download
And since Bordeaux lies on the very shore of the picturesque river Garonne, of course, the city offers exciting boat trips. Thus, everyone can choose a boat to his/her taste - Bordeaux Jet invites to ride a majestic schooner, Croisieres Burdigala - a small river tram, Bordeaux River Cruise - a beautifully equipped comfortable yacht. There is also the opportunity to try your hand at rafting, and the services … Open

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9. You may see special signs near many restaurants and cafes. They indicate the average cost of meals. Budget travelers are recommended to choose numerous cafes, the choice of dishes in which can easily compare with many popular restaurants. 10. Phone calls to other countries are better to be made from special telephone tubes, which can be found near all major shopping centers and government … Open

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Many connoisseurs of the traditions of the past would likely prefer QUALYS-HOTEL La Tour Intendance. Its rooms are decorated in a harmonious modern style, some of them have retained the original stone walls, while others have very beautiful antique furniture. The historical atmosphere reigns not only in the rooms but also in public areas of the hotel where you can see old paintings, porcelain figurines and artisan … Open

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Bordeaux introduced the concept of classification in 1855 under Napoleon III, and it now serves as an expression of quality and prestige worldwide. The principle of the crus classés (“classified growths”) perfectly illustrates the synthesis of a terroir’s typical characteristics and dedicated human intervention over many generations to ensure quality.

It should be emphasized that a wine or appellation can still be outstanding even if it is not a part of these classifications!

There are several classifications in Gironde, listed in order of seniority:

Grape varieties




Animals in the vineyard