Bright Spark

Southampton: Mohammed Salisu was a bright spark vs Spurs. The 22-year-old defender defended well for large parts of the game and was one of few bright sparks in the defeat. Bright Spark have developed a series of eight ads adding a more contemporary feel to the enormously successful 2012 campaign. 2 'Radiance' is the second in a series of 8 pre-Christmas ads for H.Samuel - terrific animation by our partners at Studio AKA. Bright Spark Power is a 100% Australian owned and operated energy retailer providing electricity across New South Wales and Queensland. We are a small team of ordinary Australians who want to make energy more simple, more straightforward and more sustainable for Australian homes and businesses. Companies displayed on this website may not equate to current live/in-progress investment offerings. “Featured opportunities” on the unrestricted portion of the Brightspark website contain summaries of the investment opportunities.

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Some bright spark at the auto repair shop forgot to tighten the lug nuts on my wheels after he rotated my tires.

Bright Spark
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a bright spark

Bright Spark Productions

mainly BRITISHSpark
A bright spark is a clever person. But the girl from Dublin is not just a pretty face. The bright spark is studying archaeology and the history of art at UCD.Some bright spark at the club seems to think that the best way to attract young fans is to turn the football stadium into a theme park for the day. Note: This expression is usually used to mean the opposite, referring humorously to a person with stupid ideas.
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bright spark

a clever person (often used ironically to or of a person who has done something you consider stupid). British informal
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(a) bright ˈspark

(British English, informal, often ironic) a lively and intelligent person:

Bright Spark Kids

What bright spark (= stupid person) left the front door open all night?
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