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The Plex Media Server is responsible for accessing your videos and sending them to the Plex Media Player apps on other devices. The device on which you're running the Plex Media Server app needs a) to have access to all of your videos, and b) to be running 24/7. Plex Media Server is available for free on Windows, Mac, Linux, NAS drives, and Docker.


Hello Folks,
I am trying to build a plex server and i have a NAS which i copy files from SFTP (server is on internet) server onto NAS. NAS is synology. My purpose of this server should be able to stream plex on to my firestick 4k and apple tv 4k. 4-5 people access the server. I also would like to have the capability of 4k , i always direct play. It will be on 24/7. For 4k as long as i can stream at my home thats fine as well.

Building A Plex Server 2020 Release

Also important thing is i want speeds while copying the files from the SFTP to the NAS and plex streaming shouldnt be impacted, what are the changes i need to make to the build if needed.

Plex Server Update

  • Plex Data Server Location. You can move the Plex data folder to another drive. See HowTo An extended guide on how to move the Plex data folder on Windows. Having the Plex data folder on an SSD vs HD will make no difference once the streaming starts. The movie/show/etc is read from where it is stored. The Plex data folder is not needed at that.
  • May 05, 2020 Plex Server Requirements. A Plex server relies more on CPU than anything else. It requires a lot of processing power to transcode the video as it is streamed, and even more power if you add subtitles and other additions to the video. Plex officially recommends an Intel Core i3 or faster as the minimum processor, although faster is generally.
  • When you are ready to ditch your streaming services and build your own in-home multimedia server, you have a lot of options. Investing in a prebuilt machine is a good option if you aren’t tech-savvy, but for an equivalent cost you can build your own Plex media server that puts any pre-built option to shame.