Bulk Rename Utility Rename File With Folder Name

Firstly, I want to acknowledge that this a GREAT utility, with more features than any other of it's kind. Congratulations Jim!

Once you sort your files into folders with names that make sense, you can use Append Folder Name in Bulk Rename Utility to add those folder names to the file names. Use Name to place the containing folder name at the beginning (Prefix) or end (Suffix) of the file names. With Bulk Rename Utility renaming files are easy About Bulk Rename Utility Bulk Rename Utility is a small free application that can help you to rename multiple files fast and simple. You select the files you want to rename and enter what characters you want to replace/remove/add to the files.

Now on to my question:Bulk rename utility rename file with folder name mac
I use BRU to often rename folders into an orderly fashion - for example, on drive E: I'll have a main folder called Vacations
As subfolders I'll have folders named:

etc. up through the present year.
As you might imagine, I simply dump pictures from those years into their respective yearly subfolder.
So, while on the left-pane, if I highlight the main folder (E:Vacations), the right-pane shows all the 'yearly folders.'Bulk Rename Utility Rename File With Folder Name
What I can't seem to find out how to do - hence it may not be possible with BRU - what I want to be able to do is auto-rename files

Bulk Rename Utility Rename File With Folder Name

in a folder based on the folder name. My intention was/is to use the
foldername to use as the filename, and then use suffixes and numbering to give the new filenames meaningful names.
For example, using BRU, I'd like for all the files, regardless of their current filename, to automatically be renamed based on my specifications.
So, for example, in the Vacation.1983 folder, BRU would auto-rename all the files in that folder to

Does BRU have this capability? If not, I think it would be a great additional feature, as I have occasion to this type of renaming quite often - only now, I have select each subfolder manually and manually use the RegEx(1) replace function go from there.

Bulk Rename Utility Rename File With Folder Name Windows 10

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