Canon 5d Mark 3 Shutter Count Check


Shutter Count Number is important – A DSLR’s shutter will eventually fail. Just as with any piece of mechanical equipment, a camera has a lifetime that is based on the number of shutter actuations otherwise known as shutter clicks or the shutter count. ' The only way to get an accurate shutter count, or actuations- on Canon EOS DSLR bodies is to have the Canon Factory Service Center provide it. They need to have the camera on hand in order to run the test to get an accurate measurement on your camera's shutter.

This is one of those things that annoys me greatly! Every time i come to sell or buy a used camera I want to know the shutter count. Its a bit like the mileage on a used car, its not a primary factor in my buying decision but it helps me understand how the camera has been used and if it matches up to the buyers description!

The digital picture did a great review of the 5D Mark III and also expected shutter usage for a number of cameras.

The problem is that Canon never provided a way to find current shutter count natively (come on Canon!), so this opened the door to developers to use the Canon SDK to write their own way to do it. Unfortunately what we have now are a multitude of blogs, articles and online sites that offer to provide this service. Some were free and now are not, some have been taken down, some point to apps that no longer work! All things considered its a bit of a pain to perform this simple task!


I am currently going through this process yet again and needed to determine the shutter count on my Canon 5D Mark III. After some searching and frustation i came across an app called EOSInfo.exe that did the job perfectly, however, i couldn’t find the owner and the homepage no longer exists.

So, i have decided to host it here with a few basic instructions. I provide no warranty or gurantee that it will work, just that it worked for me and I quite liked it!

Canon5d mark iii shutter count

So, i have uploaded to my OneDrive here: EOSInfo

Canon 5d Mark 3 Shutter Count Check 6d

Instructions for use (From the Readme!)

  1. Turn Off Camera
  2. Connect Camera to USB Port
  3. Turn ON Camera
  4. Close EOS Utility if Open
  5. Wait for Result
  6. Turn Off Camera and Reading Result

5d Mark Iii Shutter Count

..and this is the screenshot from my 5D3 – dead simple!