Canon 5d Shutter Count

This is a very relevant question these days as folks interested in upgrading to the Canon EOS 5D Mark III may be looking to sell their 5D Mark II on the used market.
Other manufacturers make it easy to find out the shutter count, but Canon does not. There is a app for that, software you can install on your Mac or PC that will work. Windows users use EOSInfo by Astrojargon. Mac users use Astrojargon’s 40D Shutter Count, Version 2.

  1. Download software from (Google Drive): extract the.rar file.Open EOSinfo.exe and conne.
  2. The program is simple and easy to install. I used it to check a mint condition 5D Mark ii with 5500 shutter count. The buyer said what the shutter count was. EOSinfo.exe verified the buyer's claim. I then shot 20 photos and rechecked and it counted them. I verified the EOSInfo.exe shutter count with Magic Lantern.

Now if you are a Mac user and you start up the 40D Shutter Count you will see a disclaimer that it does not work with 5D. Well, actually it does work but does not have all the features it does on other cameras. The software will give you a reliable count, but if you fire your Canon while it is hooked up the count will not increase. So you may be thinking that the number is not reliable. All you need to do is power cycle your 5D and restart the program and you will get the new count.


I asked if they could get me the official shutter count as everything else about it looked great. After they tried to get me the shutter count we found out Canon wouldn't service the 5D since last September. Since his model was the one with the mirror default so he knocked the price down to $250 and got me an official shutter count still. Canon EOS 5D Mark III 22.3MP Digital SLR Camera - Very Low Shutter Count 5 out of 5 stars (72) 72 product ratings - Canon EOS 5D Mark III 22.3MP Digital SLR Camera - Very Low Shutter Count. Whilst the screenshots in this review show results from my Canon 5D Mark IV, I also tested a 7D Mark II which worked in exactly the same way. As soon as you switch your camera on, the app will display information about your camera and shutter count in a simple tabbed display.

On Windows you have to do the same thing. The shot above shows a side by side comparison for the Windows and Mac software screen shots. You may be saying that the software should work better than this, but heck, it is free and who cares anyway if you have to power cycle your 5D. BTW did you donate? Once you download and use the software you can donate to AstroJargon like I did here. Buy the guy lunch, it’s the least you can do. I guarantee he spent a lot of time on this software.

Canon 5d Shutter Count Life

Now that you know your shutter count you may be asking, “What is a high shutter count for Canon 5D Mark II?” The Canon factory rates the shutter life to 150,000 actuations, although 250K is a very realistic expectancy, and in some cases way beyond. The factory rep I spoke with suggested that you just keep using the camera until it doesn’t work and get all the clicks out of it you can. He did recommend having a backup if you are using it for paid work.


Canon 5d Shutter Count Software

Time lapse shooters like myself need to weigh the cost of burning through thousands of shutter clicks. Canon tells me that the cost for a shutter replacement is approximately $400. My Monument Valley video utilized over 20,000 time lapse clicks, a large portion of my overall count. So the cost for that video was $40 assuming the shutter needs replaced at 200K.

Canon Shutter Count 5d Mark Iii

You can read about my technique for using Adobe Lightroom to produce time lapses in the Monument Valley video here. Now as to a solution to the extreme shutter usage due to time lapse I will save for a future blog post. Now I have to get back to work…