Clion No Cmake Profiles

This is now possible with the new Enable profile option. There are several ways to disable/enable CMake profiles in CLion: In the CMake toolwindow, if the profile has failed to load, the Disable profile option is available: If you want to disable a successfully loaded profile, check the configuration pop-up menu in the CMake toolwindow. Jul 31, 2020 Now, if your currently selected CMake profile doesn’t include compiler options for coverage, CLion will search for a CMake profile (and create one if not found) with the coverage flags passed via CMAKECXXFLAGS and CMAKECFLAGS. CLion does not load project build environments from “platformio.ini” ¶ This is a known issue CLion CPP-19478: CLion does not handle “CMAKECONFIGURATIONTYPES” from CMakeLists.txt. A temporary solution is to manually configure project profiles in CLion. Please open CLion Settings and navigate to “Build, Execution, Deployment CMake”.

Hi all,

There is a piece of good news here. We are so happy to present the first MVP of the PlatformIO plugin for CLion. Big thanks to JetBrains CLion Team, especially to @elmot for his amazing work.

This is not the final release. We just want to get some feedback and would be thankful if you help us to build a list with the most important features.



  1. Install the latest CLion EAP
  2. Download PlatformIO for Clion Plugin
  3. Install the plugin: CLion > Preferences > Plugins > > Install Plugin from Disk … > Select ZIP archive
Clion No Cmake Profiles

Cannot Build Or Upload Project After Cloning From Github ...

  1. Upgrade PlatformIO Core to the latet 4.1.0 or above via pio upgrade.
  2. Generate PlatformIO project for CLion using docs
  3. Open a project with CLion and add PlatformIO to configuration using CLion > Run > Edit Configurations… > [+] > PlatformIO > Give a name PlatformIO Debug

Clion No Cmake Profiles

  1. Select “PlatformIO Debug” configuration and press “Debug” icon

  2. Happy debugging with PlatformIO and CLion.

Clion No Cmake Profiles Free

  1. [R] icon (hot-restart) currently only resets + halts target, and does not move execution to initial breakpoint. This is will be fixed in the next version. A temporary solution is to put breakpoints in the code and press “Continue”.