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Vegetables on Chart:

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  1. Onion Sets
  2. Peas
  3. Spinach
  4. Cabbage
  5. Cauliflower
  6. Radish
  7. Turnip
  8. Beets
  9. Potatoes
  10. Broccoli
  11. Lettuce - Leaf
  12. Carrots
  13. Chard
  14. Green Beans - Bush
  15. Sweet Corn
  16. Cucumbers
  17. Squash - Summer
  18. Melons
  19. Peppers
  20. Tomatos
  21. Okra
  22. Pumpkins
Clyde's Veggie Planting Slide Chart....$5.00 Postage Paid.

The ultimate complete gardening planning guide & planting guide. This all in one tool will help you to gage when you should be planting seeds indoors and outdoors, when you should expect your first harvest, and all on a sliding bar that you can set to whatever your average first and last frost date is for seamless spring and fall gardening. Print Garden Plan Worksheet. Make the most of your gardening space by planting a square foot garden. This planner makes it easy to plan what you’ll plant in each square. If you want to do succession planting, just print a separate copy for each season. Print Square Foot Garden Planner. Our Garden Planner makes it easy to draw out your vegetable beds, add plants and move them around to get the perfect layout and a personalized planting calendar for your location.


Clyde's Veggie Planting Slide Chart....$5.00 Postage Paid.

Free Online Vegetable Garden Planner


Clyde's 2018 visit with Doug and Stacy OFF-GRID at their tiny house; sharing the chart with homesteaders across the country......Clyde's part begins 40 seconds into the video - see below:

Clyde Visits Doug and Stacy OFF-GRID!','html':'

Clyde Visits Doug and Stacy OFF-GRID!


Clyde Shows The Chart to Paul Wallace at a Baker Creek Seed Festival

Clyde's Vegetable Planting Chart


Free Garden Planner Template

Clyde's Chart Gives:


Clyde's Garden Planner Canada

  • Data for (22) Common Vegetables, (See Left)
  • Spring/Fall Gardening Events
  • A Time-Phased Perspective using a Horizontal Calendar
  • Spring & Fall Frost Dates: US & Canada
  • Dates for Indoor Seeding
  • Outdoor Planting Dates, Seeds & Plants
  • Expected Harvest dates
  • Seeding Quantity per 10 Ft Row
  • Planting Depths
  • Distances Between Rows
  • Distance Between Plants
  • Sunlight Requirements by Vegetable
  • Expected Produce Quantity per 10 Ft Row
  • Natural Companions (Nourish One Another if Planted Together)

Clyde's Garden Planner Discount Code

Clyde...the gardening Entra-Manure....(My father-in-law's friendly nickname for me after learning about the gardening slide chart.)