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You can open, create and add Objective-C/C files with.m extensions into your CMake or compilation database project, and use all of the features for code inspection, assistance and refactoring that CLion provides. Live and code templates are also available for Objective-C/C code. May 28, 2020 Objective C/C: Honor CC and CXX env vars to select compiler Help: Add 3.17.3 release note for Objective C/C compiler selection cmGeneratorTarget: Clear AllConfigSources in ClearSourcesCache.

What This Guide Covers #

Default installN/A
Default script./configure && make && make test
Matrix keysenv, compiler
SupportTravis CI

Minimal example:

Cmake Objective C Download

For Language versions and other build-environment specificinformation visit our reference pages:

This guide covers build environment and configuration topics specific to Cprojects. Please make sure to read our Tutorialand general build configuration guides first.

CI environment for C Projects #

Travis CI VMs are 64-bit and provide versions of:

  • gcc
  • clang
  • core GNU build toolchain (autotools, make), cmake, scons

C projects on Travis CI assume you use Autotools and Make by default.

Cmake Change Object File Extension

For precise versions on the VM, please consult “Build system information” in the build log.

Dependency Management #

Because there is no dominant convention in the community about dependencymanagement, Travis CI skips dependency installation for C projects.

If you need to install dependencies before your tests can run, override theinstall: key in your .travis.yml:

See the build configuration guide to learn more.

Choosing compilers to test against #

You can test projects against either GCC or Clang, or both. To do so, specifythe compiler to use using the compiler: key in .travis.yml. For example, tobuild with Clang:

or both GCC and Clang:

Testing against two compilers will create (at least) 2 rows in your buildmatrix. For each row, Travis CI C builder will export the CC and CC_FOR_BUILD env variables topoint to either gcc or clang.

On macOS, gcc is an alias for clang. Set a specific GCC version to use GCC on macOS.

OpenMP projects #

OpenMP projects should set the environment variable OMP_NUM_THREADS to areasonably small value (say, 4). OpenMP detects the cores on the hostinghardware, rather than the VM on which your tests run.

MPI projects #

Cmake Objective C Framework


The default environment variable $CC is known to interfere with MPI projects.In this case, we recommend unsetting it:

C11/C++11 (and Beyond) and Toolchain Versioning #


Cmake 3.16

If your project requires tools compatible with C11, C++11, or a more recent language standard, then it is likely that you will have to upgrade your compiler and/or build tools. This section covers specifically how to upgrade GCC, clang, and cmake; for other dependencies please see Installing Dependencies.

GCC on Linux #

  • Precise ships with GCC 4.6.3
  • Trusty ships with GCC 4.8.2
  • Xenial ships with GCC 5.4.0
  • Bionic ships with GCC 7.4.0

Note that GCC support for ISO C11 reached a similar level of completeness as ISO C99 in 4.9 and that C++11 is feature-complete in 5.1 (the C++ language support was feature-complete in 4.8.1 but the standard library didn’t support all C++11 features until later, in particular support for <regex> does not exist until 4.9).

To upgrade GCC to a more recent version, you will have to install the appropriate version from the ubuntu-toolchain-r-test source; see below for examples:

GCC on macOS #

On macOS, gcc is an alias for clang, and g++ is an alias for clang++.So you must set CC and CXX to specific gcc/g++ versions:

Clang on Linux #

  • Precise ships with Clang 3.4
  • Trusty ships with Clang 3.5.0
  • Xenial ships with Clang 7
  • Bionic ships with Clang 7

Note that C++11 support is complete starting from Clang 3.3.

To upgrade Clang to a more recent version, you will have to install the appropriate version from a llvm-toolchain-* source (the ubuntu-toolchain-r-test source must also be pulled in for dependency resolution); see below for examples:

Clang on macOS #

On macOS, the version of clang is controlled by the choice of osx_image.You can find here the list of available osx_image.

You can find the clang version shipped by Xcode here.

Cmake Objective C

CMake #

  • Precise ships with CMake 2.8.7
  • Trusty ships with CMake 3.9.2
  • Xenial ships with CMake 3.12.4
  • Bionic ships with CMake 3.12.4

Cmake Objective C Arc

You can upgrade cmake to 3.2.3 on Precise from the george-edison55-precise-backports source (note that the cmake-data package contains dependencies which Aptitude does not automatically resolve), c.f.

On macOS, the version of cmake is controlled by the choice of osx_image.

Build Config Reference #

Cmake Clean Object Files

You can find more information on the build config format for C in our Travis CI Build Config Reference.