1. CMAKEOSXSYSROOT icw iOS fat binaries (iPhone + iPhoneSimulator) 1 post With CMake it is possible to build for fat binaries for iOS without XCode. Fat binaries meaning containing all the architectures for iPhone and iPhoneSimulator.
  2. In short conan cmake builder sets CMAKESYSROOT but not CMAKEOSXSYSROOT and this causes me problems as I end up with multiple isysroot parameters given to the compiler, typically the host one trumps and so I end up with build errors due to trying to use includes from the macOS platform SDK rather than the appropriate iOS one.

How to Build OpenCV Static Libraries Mac OS X (10.5 compatible!) ITP student Patrick Hebron and I have been working on a new Processing video library built on top of OpenCV (with the goal of no vdig on windows and better movie playback support all around.). Cmake: CMAKEOSXSYSROOT should be used so that the right system paths are picked up. This enables it to use a SDK version specific copy of the system includes. This is particularly causing a problem on Mac with the OpenGL.framework which may reside inside the sdk paths in XCode and not in /System/Frameworks.

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Cmake_osx_sysrootCmake_osx_sysroot does not existCmake_osx_sysroot

Hi possible lifesavers,

Set Cmake_osx_sysroot

I am just getting started with ROS, and now having trouble with rosmake.When I try to do rosmake, it will give:

Then I configured CMAKE_OSX_SYSROOT to /Applications/, I am getting:

which does not really make sense to me now.

So, any ideas?

Cmake Osx Sysroot

Cmake_osx_sysroot example
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Cmake_osx_sysroot Example

I have the same issue too ... trying to figure it out.