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If you have an LG smart television screen with wireless capability, mirroring media from your Windows 10 PC or laptop can be quite easy. The process is made possible through the SmartShare program on your LG television. This allows you to listen to music or watch movies stored on your computer without necessarily transferring them to a flash drive or DVD.

I am also facing the problem. My laptop windows 10 64 bit version not able to connect to lg webos tv. When i tried to connect following message displayed in tv screen.' Your laptop is succesfully connected to your tv, but there is a problem sharing its screen. Please make sure whether the laptop is working and please properly set up and connected.' Tutorial on wireless screen sharing your Win 10 PC to LG Smart TV. This is very easy to do, takes about 10 seconds, and requires no extra software on your PC.

Sharing your Windows 10 computer to an LG smart TV screen may be straightforward. However, the process is not always error-free. There are instances when the connection may fail to work as it is supposed to be due to a variety of reasons.

LG Smart TV Screen Share may not work on your Windows 10 computer due to issues with your WiFi or if you haven’t connected both devices to the same WiFi network. Although you can fix most of the connectivity errors by deleting the previous pairing between the LG smart TV and your Windows 10 device, there are several other steps that you may need to take to ensure that each problem is resolved accordingly.

How to mirror Windows 10 to LG Smart TV correctly

If you have an internet connection, you can easily mirror your Windows 10 device to your LG smart TV using a few clicks of a button. Screen mirroring is mostly applicable to the latest Windows 10 computer models and may not work for older models.

To enable screen mirroring, you need to follow these steps:

  • Ensure that the LG smart television’s WIFI is turned on
  • On your laptop or PC, open the action center notification panel
  • Go to display settings and select “Connect to a wireless display:
  • Look for your smart TVs name and click on it to connect
  • Once this is completed, every media that you play on your Windows 10 computer will be sent to your LG smart TV
  • To end the mirroring session, click on the disconnect option at the top of your computer screen
Note: The connection between your computer and LG smart TV depends on the strength of your internet connection. Ensure that both your computer and the TV are connected to the same wireless network for more efficient performance.

What if I don’t have a WiFi connection?

If you do not have WIFI on your Windows 10 PC, consider purchasing a WIFI USB device because you cannot cast your PC’s screen to a smart TV without an internet connection unless you use an HDMI cable. I recommend the TP-Link AC600.

When you want to connect a Windows 10 computer to an LG Smart TV, you can use either of the following two methods:

  • Using the project feature to mirror your whole computer on the LG smart TV the same way you would connect the computer to a projector. From this option, you can choose to duplicate or extend your computer screen based on your preferences. The media will play on your computer, but the display occurs on the smart TV
  • Casting to the device allows you to play your media file directly on the LG smart TV.

Steps to fix LG Smart Screen Share issues

You do not need any technical competencies to fix your LG smart TV screen share problems. If you can do some basic troubleshooting on your device, quickly follow these steps to resolve any screen mirroring issues:

Check the smart TV input

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The first thing you would do is to check if your television is set for mirroring.

If the input is set to an HDMI source, you may have issues mirroring the screen of your computer. You can change the input to your TV from the settings menu.

Disconnect other devices

Screenshare / Miracast from Windows 10 to LG Smart TV ...

If your Windows 10 PC or laptop still won’t connect to LG TV, ensure that you disconnect any other device from the television. This is because most screen mirroring devices only allow you to use one device at a time.

As such, you may fail to establish a connection between your computer and LG television if you try to connect multiple devices concurrently.

Restart your devices

Your Windows 10 computer may develop a minor software issue that prevents you from mirroring it to your LG smart TV. Restarting the computer can resolve the issue.

Simply reboot it and try to reconnect it to your TV to see if it works. Your smart television may also experience connectivity issues, and rebooting it can help solve the glitch. Use your LG remote or the button on your TV to turn it off then back on.

Remove obstacles to wireless connectivity

Since the smartshare program depends on your wireless connection to work, you may experience problems if there is something interfering with the connection.

If this is the case, consider disconnecting other devices from the network before screen mirroring your Windows 10 computer. Additionally, check your WIFI router if it is working properly. If not, reboot it and see if it will resolve the issue.

How to Fix: LG Screen Share keeps disconnecting

The LG Screen Share program allows you to connect devices like your laptop, PC, tablet, and smartphone to your LG smart television. Once you establish a connection between your device and the LG smart TV, you should see the TV icon under the Devices and Printers section on your computer. On some occasions, the Screen Share program may keep disconnecting even after following the right connection procedures for your device. When this happens, use the following steps to eliminate the problem:

  • Disconnect your TV from the internet
  • Shutdown your Windows 10 computer
  • Restart the smart television
  • Open the Screen Share program and leave it on for some time
  • Connect the TV to the internet
  • Turn your Windows 10 computer on and try connecting to your LG TV one more time

You can also use these steps to resolve any screen mirroring lag on your LG TV. If the Screen Share or Screen Mirroring program continues to give you problems, you can try using a third-party mirror service to establish a connection between your Windows 10 computer and LG smart television.


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Screen Share To Lg Tv Wirelessly

From my Windows 10 PC I can 'Connect' (Windows Action Center command) and share (or 'cast') the screen to my LG Smart TV, presumably using Miracast by wireless. (Although, perversely, the PC claims that Miracast is disabled...). However, if both PC and TV are connected via my wired (Ethernet) home network, 'Connect' will not connect--it just 'spins' looking for something to connect to, not finding the TV. I read that Microsoft supposedly supports 'Miracast over Infrastructure' (Miracast over wired LAN), but it doesn't seem to work--has anyone got it to work?

Screen Share With Windows 10 - LG WebOS Smart TV Discussion ...



This Works: • Link Hidden, Please Login To View In Windows 10 Get The Context Menu For The Desktop (right Click Or Two Finger Tap On The Desktop Ba...

  • I'm also interested in this topic.
    I can connect my PC to my LG TV (LG OLED65B7V) through Miracast over Wifi but I'm limited to casting in full HD. The sound is also a bit weird and robotic sometimes. If I switch the screen resolution on my LG TV to 4K, the performance are terrible. I believe the performance would be much better if the miracast connection (or any other screen sharing feature/app) was done over Ethernet cable. This would prevent interferences from other wireless devices and also increase the max bandwidth allowing to smoothly steam in 4K ?
    As Elgee mentionned, miracast over infrastructure is available on Windows since 1703 but it looks like our LG TV doesn't support it ?
  • August 27, 2020, 12:07 amedited August 2020

    does anyone ever made a workaround for this ? can LG make a firmware update so you can mirror your pc screen to the tv over the ethernet instead of WIFI?

    has LG not had time to adress this yet?, why are they forcing customers to bombard the home with radiation if there is wired infrastructure and the tv can be connected via ethernet rj45 cable?... they are effectively forcing you to use 5g WIFI with miracast .... all we want is to share the stupid pc screen to the tv, it's not rocket science!! i am going to dig in to this. i may even seek legal advice. miracast and microsoft said miracast would work over infrastructure, why is it not supported?? and instead only supported over wifi??? we must bombard everyone in the home with radiation? what is this about? i have a 32inch QHD LG monitor on my gaming pc that can actually handle 4k content and i can't share across the living room to my 55inch LG 4k smartTV over the ethernet infrastructure, but i can do it with a cheap android phone over 5g wifi ... makes no sense please fix NOW!

  • Miracast over infrastructure

    this I believe is the answer.....I was using miracast with my LGOLED55C9PLA TV but over WiFi with my slow USB dongle it stuttered very badly...need to understand and learn how to do this over Ethernet, if anyone has an easy to use guide, at would be great

  • Miracast over infrastructure

    this I believe is the answer.....I was using miracast with my LGOLED55C9PLA TV but over WiFi with my slow USB dongle it stuttered very badly...need to understand and learn how to do this over Ethernet, if anyone has an easy to use guide, at would be great

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