Crusader Kings 3 Steam Sale

UPDATE: At the time of writing this post, Crusader Kings III only lasted for a day. But it has since been extended to December 2 inline with the Steam Autumn Sale which is live right now. Crusader Kings III is one of the biggest strategy games this year and it just got a shiny new update which adds a Ruler Designer and makes some great. Age of Empires 3 DE coming up, an RTS I might get that since i am quite the Age of Empires fan for 18 - 12 years ago. Maybe i will give it 20 days wait for a discount if i dont see any discount i am getting Age of empires 3 definitive edition. Its a nostalgic game You're getting Age of Empires 3 DE, then. Steam Autumn Sale 2020 has started with Crusader Kings 3 and Death Stranding It’s not technically anything to do with Black Friday, but the Steam Autumn Sale still has some great bargains, including The Sims 4 for less than £5. Crusader Kings III is the latest version of Paradox Development Studio’s beloved role-playing Grand Strategy Game of medieval conquest and royal court intrigue. Lead one of hundreds of noble or royal families through the Middle Ages, as you acquire power and prestige across the generations.

Crusader Kings 3 is currently available on PC, but will it ever be available for console players in the future? Here's what we know so far.

Paradox Development Studio's Crusader Kings 3 is a grand strategy game set in the Middle Ages. It's a challenging and difficult adventure that finds you running a kingdom from the Viking Age to the Fall of Byzantium, which as you can imagine isn't easy. Five times larger than the previous Crusader Kings, it's a massive game that will take dozens of hours to completely understand, but it's well worth putting in the time.

Right now, the game is available to PC, but it's infectious in the way that watching several different generations of kings and queens making decisions, marrying, having children, getting the Bubonic plague, and generally being awful people (for the most part) is addictive.

Not all gamers have the luxury of playing the game, however, since it's on PC. Is it going to be coming to consoles soon? We've got all the information you need about whether Crusader Kings 3 will be on consoles.

Is Crusader Kings 3 coming to consoles?

Typically, strategy games like this one are best left on PC since they're easiest enjoyed with a mouse.

Source: Paradox Development Studio

Currently, Crusader Kings 3 is already available on PC. You can play it on Xbox Games Pass for PC, as well as Steam.

Crusader Kings 3 was released on Xbox Games Pass for PC on September 1.

What about Xbox One, PS4, or Switch?

Unfortunately, it seems there are no further plans for the game to head to additional consoles at the moment. However, with next-gen consoles on their way out, it's very possible this could change in the future.

If you decide to play the game on PC, you can play it free via Xbox Game Pass for PC as long as you're paying a monthly membership fee. You'll have to pay a one-time fee on Steam if you'd like to purchase the game there.

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Have more burning questions about Crusader Kings 3? Check out the SteelSeries Discord to ask anything you want related to running a kingdom.

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Crusader Kings 3 Steam Sale Date

CrusaderCrusader kings 3 steam sale

This DLC is not only very good if you like vikings, it is also a very important and positive change from Paradox's DLC policy of old. Let me explain. This is a Viking DLC, there are new mechanics and events for people of Norse religion and/or culture, and there are also a lot of cosmetic features like the new Norse UI, music(absolute bangers by the way, but don't expect viking metal, it's much more folk and atmospheric), clothing, 3D models, essentially anything a Viking lover would wish for. Now, this seems very standard for a DLC, but not for a Paradox DLC, since if this were an old Paradox DLC this would also have some features available not only to the Vikings, but to everyone, forcing people into buying the DLC even if they didn't care about Vikings.

Crusader Kings 3 Steam Sale

Crusader Kings 3 Steam Sale 2019

One example would be Jade Dragon. That is a DLC for CK2 that adds off-map China mechanics into the game. What, don't care about China? Too bad, the DLC also has rally points and new Casus Bellis available to everyone, so if you want them you must buy it. This sort of shady business practice was commonplace in the old DLC policy of Paradox and it's even present in Imperator: Rome, the most recent Paradox game after CK3, so I was
positively surprised to see that this Flavour Pack doesn't have anything like that at all. I'd go as far as to say this is a prime example of how a DLC(flavour packs like this at least) should be made. Of course, we'll just have to see if they keep this up.

Oh, and most of the negative reviews are from people salty about DLC for no particular reason. This did come out with a very good free patch which brought new absolutely free features like winter, poetry and dueling. Even some things that Paradox could've rightfully made part of the Northern Lords (like new religious icons and Viking Coats of Arms and mottos) were also released for free, and since I already explained how this Flavour Pack is much more customer-friendly than what Paradox used to make I'm not sure what the haters are even mad about. Perhaps they'll explain their problem in the comment section, but most likely I'm just going to get called a shill ¯_(ツ)_/¯. One criticism people expressed is that all people became bald in save games from before the current patch, but that's a problem with the free update, not the DLC and the problem goes away after a few generations or if you start a new game anyway. The real sad thing is that old DNA strings also feature bald characters, so now I have a txt file with lots of bald characters' DNA, which is a bit annoying but again: this has nothing to do with the DLC, if this mild annoyance somehow completely ruined your game then your review belongs under the main game, not here. Other than that I'm not sure why anyone wouldn't recommend this(haven't even encountered any bugs), since even the price is very reasonable.

TL;DR in 3 points
1. Get this if you like Vikings, you'll love it.
2. Unlike old Paradox DLC there are no shady tactics used in order to sell this to as much people as possible.
3. Negative reviews are mostly people being salty about this DLC for no reason other than that it's a DLC. Don't worry about bald people.