Daz Substance Painter

Make a regal statement with this free ornamental throne. The model itself is a public domain asset, which I converted and set up for use in Daz 3d Studio. In addition to converting it for Daz, I also built into this model a selection of 27 preset material options that users can activate with just a simple click.

I’ve taken the time to set up a nice variety of material presets for this free model, while doing so I use similar colors as the ornamental sofa that I offer as a free download. These materials are set up to work with iray, but are not so unique that they cant work in octane or even 3delight.

Daz To Substance Painter

  • Substance Painter - symmetry texturing techniques This ‘Substance Painter - symmetry texturing techniques' course will teach you everything you need to know about symmetry functionality use within the Substance Painter software to speed up your workflow and to create custom ornamental patterns.
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Daz 3d Substance Painter

Download the chair model here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1b7doUHvKo_tvqgjBWT-pqdzuhs3TTuGo?usp=sharing

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Download the complimenting ornamental sofa here: https://mooncraftrp.com/index.php/2020/08/12/ornate-carved-sofa-free-3d-model-daz/


Daz Substance Painter Software

Hope you enjoy it, be certain to check out the rest of my freebies! Paul Kotelevets has released these models as cc-0 assets. MoonCraft 3D setup material zones for Daz, Daz metadata, created preset materials, and set the model up for Daz use.