DockView is a utility that adds a preview of the windows of the selected application in the macOS Dock. You just need to bring the mouse to its icon and thumbnails of all its windows will appear. By clicking on the one you need, you will immediately go to it. Through Window Thumbnails, you can quickly close, minify and manage windows.

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DockView allows the user to visualize the current windows they have opened and helps you to find the window you are trying to access. Mac CMD+Tab application switcher helps you to display the previews by default. The users easily identify all the applications, and it reduces the time taken in switching between several applications. DockView offers plenty of options for customization. For example, you can adjust the delay before previews appear, and you can choose the size of DockView’s window previews—and if you find.

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Dockview Port Lincoln

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  • Fast switching between windows of the selected application
  • Window management (minimize, de-minimize, close)
  • DockView doesn’t modify the Dock or any system file.
  • More coming soon …

DockView as opposed to ActiveDock, uBar App, and other similar applications, is not an alternative to macOS Dock, but a convenient addition to the Apple Dock. However, DockView does not modify or alter macOS. But:


– DockView needs to be authorized to use Accessibility Services to be able to switch applications windows.


– DockView needs to be authorized to use a Screen Recording to be able to get the window titles and create Window Previews in the Window Preview panel.

Dockview - Create Windows Preview in Mac Dock DockView is the Windows Preview app for Mac OS that has been released by Kapeli.

DockView is a handy Mac OS X application that displays preview windows for the Dock and the CMD + Tab interface. Whenever you hover your mouse pointer over the Dock icon of an opened app or over an icon while CMD + Tab is active, DockView displays previews of all opened windows of the app. NXMac Ked DockView extends Apple's Dock and shows window previews whenever you hover your mouse over an application or while using CMD+Tab. It helps you visualize the.


Many years ago, I used an application called HyperDock, but then problems started, HyperDock was not updated, the developer did not answer emails (this is also often written to me by my clients, and on the forums, I often see “HypperDock not working”) … Except, also, the standard Dock from Apple has several disadvantages (see ActiveDock) … Therefore, I decided to write an alternative to Apple Dock and partly an alternative to HypperDock. Now, this is my most popular application. But I often get emails from my clients who do not need a complete Apple Dock replacement, they want to use the ActiveDock capabilities with the Apple Dock … I thought: why not? I Can Do It …

Meet the DockView Beta ….

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Requirement: macOS 10.12 or later, runs on macOS Big Sur