Dockview - Create Windows Preview in Mac Dock DockView is the Windows Preview app for Mac OS that has been released by Kapeli. DockView is a desktop customization app that lets you take a neat trick from Windows and mimic it in Snow Leopard: with DockView running, when you mouse over an app's icon in the Dock, you can. Dockview Zero dependency layout manager. This panel is outside of the dockable layer Resize Close. Download DockView for Mac - A customizable and versatile OS X application that brings window previews in the Mac’s Dock and the CMD + Tab interface, just like in Windows 7+. We want to give the (port) industry sector the appreciation it deserves. With our tools, passion, and determination we will put your company on the map.

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A customizable and versatile OS X application that brings window previews in the Mac’s Dock and the CMD + Tab interface, just like in Windows 7+

What's new in DockView 1.57:

  • Fixed a bug which caused DockView to not show upcoming Calendar events in Mountain Lion.
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DockView is a handy Mac OS X application that displays preview windows for the Dock and the CMD + Tab interface. Whenever you hover your mouse pointer over the Dock icon of an opened app or over an icon while CMD + Tab is active, DockView displays previews of all opened windows of the app.

The application helps you easily find the app window you are looking for. In a way, it offers an alternative to OS X’s expose function. Furthermore, DockView offers plenty of customization options to the table, such as resizing the preview window and ignoring hidden apps.

Other interesting features include activating and closing windows directly from the previewer and viewing Dock badges, i.e the number of opened windows of an app on its Dock icon. You have quite a few settings to personalize badges, too: position, size, color and more.

In addition to this, the window previews in the Dock can be disabled, if you want to view only the ones in CMD + Tab. It can also display full-sized screenshots of windows when hovering over a preview and display upcoming iCal events in any calendar.

Another advantage of using this app is the filter support. They allow you to ignore minimized or hidden windows, ignore apps with only one window open and apply a filter level to apps that refuse to display window previews.


As far as accessibility goes, DockView’s options can be summoned from the menu bar with a click or via a user-defined global hotkey. Speaking of which, you can even set a hotkey to dismiss all preview windows and to close all hovered app windows. It is also possible to use keyboard shortcuts for each preview.

In conclusion, DockView brings a powerful feature to Mac OS X that many users long for, that of previewing windows from the Dock. The application offers a wide assortment of features as well as all-around customization. If you want to bring window previews feature to your Mac, this tool may provide the answer.

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  • You have to wait a few seconds before previews are displayed in the demo version.
  • 64-bit processor
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DockView 1.57

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