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Drip irrigation offers many benefits. Because it places a precise amount of water where you want it, it saves water and money while discouraging the growth of weeds.

Plant growing guides for vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers for growing at home. We also suggest that you watch our 'How to videos' and look through the resources available at dripworks.com. What is the best product(s) to use to water a large vegetable garden? Drip Tape is most commonly used in large vegetable gardens with straight rows. Entering a variety is optional. Varieties are a great way to experiment with variations of your favourite plants. You might find our guides about understanding varieties helpful if you're trying to decide which variety to grow. The Dripworks website recommends a high-pressure hose extension if you plan to use a timer. I’ll definitely be using a timer, but it doesn’t seem like it will be heavy enough to mess up my spigot. Anyone have experience with this? Distance to the beds. Another issue is that the spigot and the raised beds aren’t exactly close to each other.

Although this method of irrigation has been in use for thousands of years and is used on many farms, vineyards and orchards as well as home gardens and landscapes today, drip irrigation remains a mystery to many. Here at DripWorks, we commonly hear questions like, what is drip irrigation or how does drip irrigation work? Customers often ask us questions about drip irrigation design layout and how to install drip irrigation.

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That is why we have created our Drip Irrigation Planning Guide. It will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about drip irrigation but didn’t know who to ask.

Tips in our Drip Irrigation Planning Guide

After providing a brief history of drip irrigation, this guide defines the basic terms for the equipment used in this type of irrigation in a helpful glossary. For those interested in DIY drip irrigation, it includes extensive, easy-to-follow information on installing drip irrigation. The section on drip irrigation setup includes installation tips that will help take the headaches and frustration out of setting up your system if you have never done it before — or if you have done it but need a refresher.

In this guide, you'll find advice on everything from setting up a drip irrigation system for raised beds to creating a greenhouse overhead misting setup. There are also sections on adding fertilizer injector systems to your drip irrigation layout for 'fertigation' and installing timers to provide fully automatic watering.

Dripworks Garden Planner

Careful planning and quality products are the keys to a successful drip irrigation setup. This guide provides all the information you'll need in a very well-written and laid-out format.

If you have questions, we are here to help. Call or email us for expert advice from our friendly staff.

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Drip irrigation design plans

Drip Irrigation Layout

Drip irrigation provides a smart and economical way to save water, promote plant growth, prevent fungus and diseases and provide many other benefits. Whether you have a few potted plants to take care of or run a large farming operation, the drip irrigation kits available at DripWorks are the fastest, easiest way to bring drip irrigation to your deck, garden or landscape.


Each drip irrigation system kit comes with everything you need for the type of growing you're doing. If you're looking for drip irrigation for your raised beds, for instance, our kits have you covered from your faucet to your plants.

Dripworks Garden Planner

We have indoor kits for greenhouses and grow houses as well as outdoor kits that can water everything from a single plant to row crops. You'll also find sprinkler-to-drip conversion kits here.