Ds418play Plex

Hey all. I love my Synology DS418play NAS and I love PLEX, but cannot get them to work together correctly. When I get a video to connect the movie posters and meta data does not pull through.

I CAN run a PLEX server on my iMac pointing to folders on the Synology DS418play (including posters and metadata), but must continue to reconnect to the NAS server and it is a pain. I don’t think it is the most effective way to do it as well. Ideally I want to run the PLEX server directly from my Synology DS418play.

  1. DS418play/PLEX - Is 4K streaming buffering only a NAS issue? Hello, I'll start saying that I'm not sure whether this is a NAS issue (CPU too slow) or a Plex.
  2. The Synology DS418play NAS is available NOW for around £420+ ex. VAT and available with or without hard drives from SPAN.COM, the NAS Experts: Expected Release Date – RELEASED and In stock New Chassis 4 Bay and Older Chassis 2-Bay 2 and 4-Bay Multimedia NAS.

Ds918+ Plex

I'm looking to get a NAS to use Plex and stream 4k content to my devices. I'm the only user most likely using this, possibly one other. I have heard the newer model (DS420+) is coming soon but I'm wondering if the jump is big enough where I should wait for the DS420+ or if the 418play is still good enough?

Yes I have installed PLEX onto my Synology DS418play. I have also installed the PLEX certificate in the package center on the Synology DS418play.

Anyone else run into this or have any ideas? I suspect it has to do with a setting in the Synology DS418play unit, but I am still new at this.

Server Version#: (64 bit)
Player Version#: 3.72.1

Ds418play vs ds918+ plex

Trying to play a 1080p h264 video on a samsung tv, with plex media server running on a synology ds418play. It was going quite slow, buffering about once every 30s.
I’ve now bought a plex pass, to enable hardware acceleration, hoping it would improve, but it did not.
Hardware acceleration seems to be enabled (I can see the ‘(hw)’ in the now playing screen), but if I go through the logs I still see that the transcoding speed averages at about 0.8. My synology cpu is still being hammered at about 70% with or without hardware acceleration enabled. I’ve restarted my synology as well without any effect.

Synology Ds418play Plex Review


As far as I can find (compatibility list and so) ds418play should be able to cope with 1080p no problem when using hardware acceleration.
Am I missing something?

Ds418play Plex Setup

I can send logs if need be.