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Server Version#: Player Version#: Plex for LG 4.1.1, WebOS: 4.6.0 TV: LG OLED 65C9PTA Soundbar: LG SL9YG + rear Kit (4.1.2 + rear kit) ATMOS,DTS:X Problem desctiption: When trying to play TrueHD 7.1 audio the plex app transcodes instead of direct stream. The same is not a problem. When downmixing from multi-channel audio to fewer channels, Plex will try to level volume across channels to make the speech more audible. This applies to playback of all music and video using direct play, direct stream, or transcoding. Try disabling this setting if you hear distortion. DTS Play-Fi is a premium wireless audio ecosystem for whole-home music and TV audio, supporting high-resolution and sub-millisecond playback accuracy. Plex; Serviio; Twonky; Logitech Media Server; These programs are full featured, robust, stable, and low-impact, and work well with our Play-Fi apps and products. This list is not exhaustive.


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Hi guys,

Plex dts hd

So simple question --> How do I turn on DTS-HD and Dolby Atmos and other audio formats in Plex Media Player on Windows?

And yess I have a 5.1 receiver. And yes it has DTS-HD and yess the movie what i’m playing supports DTS-HD.
When I play this movie with another player, my denon receiver jumps to DTS-HD. With plex media player it stays in “multi in” mode , because it doesn’'t receive DTS.

I know that in Plex Home Theater you could turn DTS and Dolby on. But this app is not longer supported. If you look for it, you can still find it on google. But I don’t like it.

So where can I find this in Plex Media player app in windows?

Plex Dts 5.1 No Sound

I’ve tried Plex media player from the windows 10 Store. And also i’ve tried the desktop version of Plex Media Player. Both of them don’t give DTS or Dolby. It has to be some setting.

Vob Plex

Can’t imagine i’m the only one with this problem.