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This workshop will give artists around the world an inside look at what it takes to build a career in fashion illustration. (Get access for $67 with discount code “fashionvip”). Whether she's sketching ’60s icons such as Edie Sedgwick and Peggy Moffitt or painting a trio of Prada models circa 2016, this top illustrator—whose clients include Prada, Saks Fifth Avenue,.

Fashion illustration is the creation of new couture but without needing to focus on the buttons and zippers. As Megan Hess states, fashion illustration only has limits of the human imagination. Fashion illustration continued to flourish in the plethora of magazines published at the time. Sigrid Hunt (later Roesen) was a fashion illustrator and editor. She came to England from Berlin in the early 1930s and worked for prestigious publications including Vogue, Tatler, and The Sketch.

Self-portrait by
Charles Edward Chambers, 1916.

Who were the
Golden Age Illustrators?

During America's Golden Age of Illustration (1880-1920), artists from varied backgrounds were drawn to big cities, principally New York and Chicago, where book and magazine publishing was centered.

They included easel painters, sketch artists, portrait painters, cartoonists, muralists, and ranged from the self-taught to the highly trained, the inexperienced to the old masters of the era.

In the Golden Age the distinction between commercial and fine artist was blurred or non-existent. Books and magazines provided lucrative markets for illustration that attracted and rewarded the most talented, skilled artists.

As a result, illustrators produced a prodigious quantity of art that influenced popular culture and fashions.

The trigger that brought about the Golden Age of Illustration was the introduction around 1880 of photo-mechanical engraving that enabled books and magazines to reproduce artwork with much greater fidelity than in the past.

Prior to 1880, most graphic art in periodicals was reproduced from wood engravings. While wood engraving was a highly-skilled art form in itself, it was an engraver's interpretation of the artist's original work.

By 1900 mass color printing had advanced to the point where artwork could be reproduced on magazine covers at a reasonable cost. Colleges and private schools began to teach illustration along with traditional painting and sculpture classes.

Before photography in books and magazines became commonplace, commercial artists showed the world's wonders to the general public presented in an affordable format. Artists strove for authenticity and accuracy.


In an age when foreign travel was often difficult and dangerous, they ventured to all points of the globe sketching and rendering exotic places, cultures, plants and animals, recording historic events, wars, and natural disasters.

Famous fantasy artists illustrators

A few artists, highly paid and successful, were like today's movie stars. Their names became familiar across the country as more and more families received home delivery of weekly and monthly periodicals.

Illustrators of the Golden Age inspired a younger generation of aspiring artists. In the 1920s these younger artists had to compete not only with established masters of magazine illustration but with the growing use of photography in magazines.

A growing influence on illustration in the 1920s was advertising. While it provided artists with new venues for their work, it also demanded fresh, contemporary styles that reflected the jazz age and other changes taking place in American culture.

New masters emerged, including the young man who, in time, became most famous of all American illustrators,Norman Rockwell.

On the links below are brief biographical sketches of some (more to come!) of the famous and some not-so-famous personalities of the Golden Age of Illustration, along with examples of their work.

Check out the Image Galleries to see the work of otherillustrators.

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When it comes to getting daily inspiration from all things fashion, I cannot be satisfied with simply flipping through magazines and following fashion blogs alone. Fashion is, after all, an art form. That is one of the many reasons I love to follow fabulous fashion illustration accounts on Instagram for a daily dose of magic.

One of the wonderful things about style is how it inspires us all in so many different ways. For many, the worlds of art and fashion go completely hand-in-hand. Coco Chanel said it best when she mused, 'Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.' Chances are that if you're into clothes, you appreciate the power and influence they can hold in the world of art.

Some of us take fashion inspo straight to our closets, playfully putting together outfits and letting our creativity soar. Others cruise through blogs or magazines, flipping through page after page of editorials and imagining ourselves decked out in the beautiful clothing we see printed on the pages.

But then there are the ones who become inspired by style and express it artistically with the mighty pen, creating absolutely fabulous illustrations that get the imagination soaring. The results can be downright magical, so let's take a look at 27 absolutely fabulous fashion illustration accounts to follow on Instagram.

Famous Fashion Illustration Artists Images

1. @guillermo_meraz

I first stumbled upon this amazing illustrator when I was searching for some Star Wars fashion inspiration, and I'm pretty sure I actually gasped at the time. The artist takes inspiration from both fashion and pop culture (Star Wars, Disney, and Nintendo, to name a few) and weaves it together to create these absolutely stunning designs.

2. @jonquelart

This fabulous artist is one of the hottest plus size and body positive fashion illustrators out there right now. I constantly look forward to seeing her absolutely stunning, fabulous illustrations featuring some truly big, curvy, beautiful characters.

3. @elistjohn

Are you a fashionista who loves designers, magic, mermaids, and Disney? Then this absolutely magical account is perfect for you.

4. @armandmehidri

I'm going to let this fierce illustration of Queen Bey speak for itself.

5. @miss_victoria25

This stunning account pulls a lot inspiration from French fantasy and couture (with stress on Chanel), and is any fashion princess's absolute dream.

6. @happysunnygu

This beautiful account tells stunning sartorial stories with illustrations that will whisk you away to fantasy land. The use of bright colors and fun, whimsical designs is impeccable.

7. @curvysketches

This glorious account features sketches that are body positive and absolutely inspiring. Like the name suggests, the account sketches curvy babes and turns them into illustrated runway goddesses.

8. @magdalena.kruszynska

Famous Fashion Illustration Artists Paintings

This Paris-based fashion illustrator and designer uses her own inspiration from fashion to tell absolutely enchanting stories that will leave you completely besotted.

Famous Fashion Illustration Artists

9. @hayden_williams

This fabulous artist takes inspiration from dolls, pop culture, and music and turns it all into absolutely fantastic illustrations.

10. @sam_shan

This lovely artist takes inspo from fashion, fairytales, and fiction, creating delightful illustrations that look like they came right out of a children's book.

11. @irenealvarezalaez

You'll probably lose yourself in these gorgeous illustrations that combine fashion and fantasy in a truly captivating way.

12. @m.michelillustration

If you are fashionista and love gorgeous gowns and dresses, then you should definitely be following this account.

13. @diarysketcheslk

Famous fashion illustration artists female

When you take runway and street-wear creations from some fabulous designers and turn them into amazing illustrations, you get this stunning account.

Famous Fashion Illustration Artists

14. @emmakennyillustrations

Do you love anything to do with fashion, pop music, and the Kardashians? Then you simply must follow this one-of-a-kind Irish illustrator.

15. @yigitozcakmak

For the love of Beyoncé and all things #Queen Royal And Fashion, follow this stunning fashion illustration account.

16. @cristinaalonsoillustration

Get swept away in a beautiful fashion fantasy filled with mermaids, gowns, lingerie, flowers, and everything couture.

17. @thepaintedshoe

This artist takes some of our favorite characters (like Hermione and the Disney princesses we all know and love) as well as self-created characters and turns them into delightful fashion-inspired illustrations that are absolutely swoon-worthy.

18. @jf.illustrations

This Miami-based fashion designer and illustrator takes fun, feminine, flirty fashion to a whole new level.

19. @ponyy_boyy

How amazing is this take on fashion inspired by Disney power couples? For more brilliant illustrations like this one (including some mad Kardashian love), check out this New York City-based illustrator.

20. @rongrong_devoe_illustration

If Sex And The City was an Instagram account, it would look a lot like this. I'm absolutely obsessed with these illustrations.

21. @clementlouis

This Paris-based illustrator takes fashion inspiration and turns it into extremely compelling works of art.

Famous Fashion Designers

22. @georginachavezbdr

This absolutely stunning account features beautiful illustrations inspired not only by fashion and fantasy, but by your favorite women from pop culture as well (like Rey, Sailor Moon, and Marie Antoinette, to name a few). They're so gorgeous, and I'm so obsessed.

23. @hnicholsillustration

These stunning illustrations featuring some of the most gorgeous gowns take my breath away.

24. @darenj22

This fiercely body positive illustrator serves us pure fashion fantasy with her stunning visions. Filled with inspiration also taken from movies, TV, and music, this amazing account will keep you absolutely dazzled.

25. @studiofantasma

Famous Fashion Illustration Artists List

Being on this account feels just like flipping through a brilliant fashion storybook.

26. @ger_lar

These illustrations are colorful, fun, and simply fantastical.

27. @maruka_

This gorgeous account features fashion-inspired illustrations with a little gothic flare that's absolutely to die for.

Famous Illustrators Today

Fashion has always been a form of art for many of us, moving and inspiring in all manners and ways. Style — like all art and creativity — knows no bounds. And when all three collide? Magic is truly created.

Famous Fashion Illustration Artists Names

Image: jonquelart/Instagram