Fs19 Syn Trac

Taking a look at the amazing SynTrac modular tractor system Check out the Discord: Outro: Dreamyness by Keys N Krates. FS19 - SYN Trac V1.4.1.5. 2020-06-22 22:59:16 FS19 Mod Packs 1.6 1 Download 125 Views. A new vehicle category. Flexible applications. Fully automatic docking process - Fully automatic coupling of one or more additional driven axle(s) - Fully automatic coupling of. Jul 14, 2019 SYN TRAC. A new category of vehicles. Flexible applications. – Full docking process – Fully automatic coupling of one or more axles (motors) – fully automatic coupling of an additional engine (PTO power summing) – Increased safety through optimum visibility – Low center of gravity due to the special transmission arrangement of the engine.


New car category. Flexible applications.

FS19 - Syn Trac V1.0.3.1. 2019-07-09 20:24:04 FS19 Mod Packs 1.4 0 Download 158 Views. THE SYN TRAC A new vehicle category. Flexible applications. I downloaded this from the modhub (in-game) and tyhe moment I try to view it in the store, my game crashes. Syn Trac farming-simulator.com Ive tried downloading it from the web page (linked above) and I've made it to where that was the ONLY mod loaded into the game.

- Fully automatic docking process
- Fully automatic connection of one or more additional driven axes
- Fully automatic connection of an additional motor (totalizing PTO power)
- Increased safety due to optimal visibility conditions
- Low center of gravity due to the special arrangement of the engine and transmission
- Hydropneumatic chassis with independent suspension
- Speed ​​options 60 km / h or 80 km / h
- Steering options: front wheels, all wheels and crab steering
- Comfortable cab with different seating options
- Optimized rendering platform for FS

This package contains:
- Prototype SYN TRAC
+ Equipment: bridge module with 3-point attachment and trailer
+ Price: 320.000 €
+ Power: 420 PS
- Standard adapter
- Steering adapter
- Gooseneck adapter
- Elephant front loader
- Support-adapter
- Fertilizer S (Prototype)
- Pneu-Tank-2000L
- Multiweight 800-3000

Fs19 Syn Trac How To Use

Fs19 syn track

Changelog 1.6.0 for PC / Mac: - Syn Trac update
added: Flexible neck trailer adapter
added: Wheel - Nokian Tractor King
added: Paint - 'White'
added: real Syn Trac multifunction display
added: integration - Ifko Display system
added: Simple IC (door, window, cockpit light, dock cover, display control)
add: tire pressure system
fix: some device is not fixed correctly
and some other minor fixes and cleanups

Changelog 1.4.1: - Next level mowing
added: Steering adapter
WARNING: Sell old Syn Tracs and buy new ones

Changelog - Seed support
added: Pneu-Tank-2000L -> available in 3 different configurations
added: Syn Trac 'Cargo Transfer' -> can transfer seeds, fertilizers and liquids.
added: Standard 'Cargo Transfer' adapter -> support for all planters with front tank option.
added: Display for 'Support Adapter' -> controls can be turned on / off

change: Syn Trac (80 km / h) reverse speed is now 25 km / h

Fs19 Syn Trac

some other optimizations and fixes