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Heroku's horizontally scalable, stateless architecture is designed for building services in today's world of containerized applications. Vertically and horizontally scale your Python app’s web dynos with a single CLI command or by dragging a slider in the Heroku Dashboard. There is a MS-Windows program version, downloadable as (900 KB), in which all games from part 1 up to part 4 are included (with more options and a better performance). To push to a private repository, you probably want to fork it, push your changes to your copy (which will stay private), and then create a pull request. When I tried to push directly to a private repository, I got the puzzling 'remote: Repository not found. Fatal' message, even though I could pull just fine. GitHub is a great tool in-all for making repositories. However, it does not do good with private repositories. You're forced to pay for private repositories unless you get some sort of plan. I have a couple of projects so far, and if GitHub doesn't do what I want I just go to Bitbucket.

Github Private Repo

In December 2020, we launched the public beta of GitHub Discussions, a collaborative communication forum that allows community members to ask and answer questions, share updates, and have open-ended conversations. Since then, Discussions has been rapidly growing with tens of thousands of open source communities and discussions created. Maintainers are now interacting more closely than ever with community members to build great software.


Collaborative forum spaces within GitHub can benefit everyone, and that’s why today, we’re announcing that Discussions is now available for private repositories as a public beta. We’d love to share how some of our early adopters have explored Discussions for private repositories.

A safe space for educators and students

Educational bootcamps and classrooms use private Discussions as a platform to discuss additional topics and questions between classes. Students have a safe space to ask their questions and receive answers from classmates and educators who have shared context. When seeking support, students can reference errors and technical questions to surface to their classmates or instructors within the same space as their code.

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Building a developer network at Stripe

Stripe is utilizing Discussions to connect with developers while working together in private spaces. From upcoming workshops to beta feedback, Discussions provides a direct line of access to the Stripe developer advocacy team. This dedicated private network enables their engineers to collaborate, test, and gain support as they create and develop new payment features.

How do I get started?

Github Desktop Private Repository

If you are an admin or a maintainer of a private repository, you can now enable Discussions under “Features” in the repository settings.

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For feedback and questions, visit GitHub Discussions feedback.

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For more information, visit GitHub Discussions documentation.