John Deere 9r Fs19

List of released mods by Custom Modding for Farming Simulator 19:


All mods done by Taylor Farms, Michigan Modding. Links to all mods below.FS19 John DEERE 9RJOHN DEERE 9RXhttps://mod. FS19 John Deere 7020 V2 Edit TeoR. Modification management. Mouse – rear window, door. Modification errors. Unnoticed, works in SP / MP modes. Benefits of modification. 2006. Peeling paint. GPS system. 360 lighting (at night you will feel like day). LedBar (front and side so you can see everything clearly and unambiguously). Michelin / Trelleborg tires. Engine 7720-197 hp.

(PC only)John Deere 9R North America and Europe Version

(PC only)John Deere 9RX North America and Europe Version

(PC only) New Holland CR9000 2008 - 2012

(PC only) New Leader NL345 / John Deere DN345

(PC only)2018 Mack Anthem 48' Sleeper

Jd 9r fs19

(PC and Console) John Deere H480

John Deere 9r Fs19

(PC and Console) John Deere 7R North America

(PC and Console) John Deere 8R North America

Link for PC Version:

Link for Console:

(PC and Console)John Deere 9RT Europa and North America Version

(PC and Console) Wilson Pacesetter A - Train

(PC and Console)Wilson Pacesetter Super B

John Deere 9r Fs19 Console

(PC only) Kenworth T880

(PC only) XL Specialized 110MFG

(PC only)John Deere 89xx 4WD

(PC only) 360 Yield Center Tank for John Deere 8R

(PC only)Lankota Stalk Stompers Rollers for John Deere 8R

1000hp John Deere 9r Fs19

(PC only)John Deere 9R 2014 Europe and North America Version

(PC only)Great Plains YP2425A with fertilizer tank SML1000

(PC only)Challenger 1000 Vario North America

(PC only)Fendt 1000 Vario North America

(PC only)XL Specialized 80MFG

(PC only)John Deere 8RT North America


(PC only)John Deere S700 North America

(PC only)AGCO Ideal North America

John Deere 9R series Farming Simulator 19 mod – Both the US and the EU version(yes, there are actually 9R-tractors working on European fields…) Thank you so much to Stephan Beran and Custom Modding. You see, without CM there wouldn’t have been 9R tractors this great in FS19.

A lot ofpeople held their breath when Giants Software announced that John Deere hadcome aboard as an official licensing partner. Could it be possible that wefinally could get some official 9R JDs with the release of FS19?

Fs19 John Deere 9r Series

But no. Although the in-game John Deere tractors are wonderful, the big, green monster was missing.

Two Versions of the JD 9R

LuckilyJD-fans didn’t have to wait long. Recently Stephan Beran and Custom Moddingreleased their version of the monster machine. One based on the Americanversion. The other based on the European 9R series.

Kudos to Stephan and CM for doing a great job. The tractor mods are excellent. They are magnificent to work with. Andthere is a great variety of configurations to play around with:

  • Severalwheel setups – with or without weights.
  • Severaloptions for adding the 3-point fastcoupler.
  • Moreweight options.
  • And,of course, several engine configurations.

Version – 2019Model

(UpdatedJanuary 2, 2020) Christmas2019 got even better when Custom Modding released the updated version of theJohn Deere 9R-Series. Here are the highlights:

First ofall, you don’t have to download two files to get both the EU and the USversions. Both setups are built into the same model. Just pick your favorite inthe shop.

John Deere 9r Fs19 Mod

  • Theaddon now looks like the 2019 model.
  • Ithas a new rear linkage, new lights, and a new set of mirrors.
  • Thereare also more stickers to choose from together with a reworked engine cover.

How to Download

The updated version of the 9R-series from Custom Modding was relased on the team's Facebook page. Here's a copy of the release post. Just look for the download link at the bottom.

We always use the modder's original download link when possible. Please let us know if there's a problem with the link. P.S. How to stay safe while downloading mods outsrefe Giants’ Modhub.