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Make sure your computer is connected to a network and the display you want to connect to is turned on. In Windows, click the Action Center icon on the taskbar, and then click Connect. Wait while the computer searches for wireless display devices, and then select the. See full list on Open the “Screen Share” app on the LG TV so that it can be displayed in the “new devices” section on the laptop. Once you see the device on your laptop, click on it. This will initiate and set up your connection. After its completion, your Laptop’s screen will be mirrored on the TV’s screen. Hi, this video shows you how to view your Windows 10 Laptop on a LG TV wirelessly using Screen Share. It is useful if you want to view your documents, photos. Project PC Screen to TV in Windows 10. Before getting started with the steps to Project Computer Screen to TV in Windows 10, you need to make sure that your Windows 10 PC supports Miracast, which can be described as a Screen-mirroring protocol that lets you broadcast anything from an Intel computer to TV.

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After working flawlessly for 7 months, screen share with my windows 10 laptop stopped working 2 weeks ago with no explanation whatsoever. The error message I get on my lg 65w7 is 'your desktop has successfully connected to your tv but there is an issue sharing its screen'. I checked the laptop first but every diagnosis returns positive data concerning the Miracast functions (drivers, etc, etc). My laptop connects indeed with the tv but it is only black screen and immediately disconnected. I asked directly the support team from LG but apart of restarting and resetting everything to factory settings and updating of course to latest firmware they did not suggest anything and did not offer any troubleshooting methods. Has anyone experienced such behavior ? Is there any solution ? Thank you.


  • @freddyoprea, Good day,
    Just checking all bases, both devices are on the same internet network? Try turning off the router, on the TV and the laptop turn off connecting to Wi-Fi, turn the router back on, and reconnect to the network.
    Try doing a firmware update on the TV:
    Here is our troubleshooting article for screen share:
  • This may help you and others.

    My iPhone 7+, current OS, connected perfectly to my LG 60' until one day it didn't. The error message on the iPhone was something to the effect of 'Can't connect to LG OS' or something like that.

    Went through all the usual steps, verified the TV was updated, phone was updated, restarted WiFi, swore a little, blah, blah, blah. Nothing worked and figured there was no reason to ask Apple or LG for ideas since one would likely blame the other and I'd have to live with it either way. That's just how things are in this connected world.

    Then a light bulb went off. I knew there was no going backward with the iPhone OS but I could sure reset the LG to factory settings. I did and that fixed it. Whatever update LG did at whatever point didn't play nice with the Apple OS. I then set the LG to not do updates. I'll take my chances on missing a 'really important' one.

    An added 'bonus' when it was failing, the phone would still 'see' the TV in the phone's Mirroring selector box and then when I'd tap on it, if the TV was off, it would turn it on. Didn't realize that until one morning when my wife asked why I left the TV on all night. I'd been fiddling with the phone/mirroring while not in the TV room, went to bed and didn't know I'd turned it on. At least the cats enjoyed the all-night entertainment.

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Do you own a LG TV, but can’t get Screen Share to work from your Android device or your laptop? Your Wi-Fi network might be the reason!

I brought myself a LG TV with WebOS since it had a lot more features than other TV brands at the time of purchase. One of the most interesting features was Intel WiDi and Miracast support, allowing you to mirror the screen from your laptop or phone onto the big screen. However, for some reason I had issues trying to get this feature to work and every time I had tried to connect, I received a message saying “Unable to connect.”

After a while of trying, I figured out that my wireless network was to blame. I am using only one SSID, which broadcasts on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies and Wi-Fi Direct didn’t seem to like it in this case.

Laptop Screen Share To Lg Tv

Fortunately, there are multiple solutions to this. You can either use a network cable, switch to a single frequency or even better create a custom guest network for your TV and other IoT devices.

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