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In this article, you will learn how to conditionally redirect users after login to Laravel Jetstream and Fortify applications. With the introduction of Laravel Jetstream, it is always tempting to setup Laravel projects with Laravel Jetstream and Fortify handling the authentication of your app.

Laravel firebase push notification example. We will learn laravel firebase push notification. In this post, I show example of firebase web push notification. This tutorial give firebase web push notification in laravel. Today, I show simple way to firebase push notification in laravel.

We will explain step by step laravel firebase push notification example. Also, we will create example of laravel send push notification firebase. In this example, We step by step to send firebase push notification using laravel.

Google provide free open source send web push notification. Also, You learn example of send firebase push notification using laravel. In this example simple to getting device token of logged in users and send web push notification. Also we will create push notification with laravel app.

Laravel firebase push notification

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Step 1 : Create Firebase Project and App for Firebase Push Notification

In this step we will login into Firebase Console and create new project for laravel firebase push notification.

Step 2 : Install Laravel

In this step, We will install laravel fresh package firebase push notification using the following command:

Step 3 : Create Laravel Auth

In this step, we will create login system using auth command in laravel, so run below command in your terminal.

Step 4 : Create Migration

In this step we will to create new migration.

Step 5: Create Model

In this step, we will add new column device_token in users table as well as model.

Now, run below the following command to run migration:

Step 6 : Create Route

Step 7: Edit Home Controller

In this step, We will edit HomeController and added savePushNotificationToken() and sendPushNotification() function. In this controller you require to add server API key , you need to add your server key.

Step 8 : Edit Blade File

Laravel Firebase Notification

In this step, you require to edit on your home.blade.php file and add below code.

Laravel FirebaseLaravel firebase

Step 9 : Create firebase-messaging-sw.js File

In this step, we will create firebase-messaging-sw.js in public folder and copy below code.

After following all step, you can run your project using following command:

After enter the following url in your browser.



I hope you understand laravel firebase push notification and it can help you…

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