(mbstrcut and mbstrimwidth do something similar, although it is not really necessary and it would be better to refactor them.) That is all fine and good, but: - The only 'encoding' which actually needs a custom `filtercopy` function is 'HTML-entities'. The copy function for that encoding is broken. Mar 27, 2019 echo mbstrimwidth( striptags( getthecontent ), 0, 400, ', 'UTF-8' ); 半角と全角が入り混じると微妙に省略位置がずれるので綺麗ではありませんが、 今後CSSのプロパティが全てのブラウザで実装されれば、そちらで完結させることができるかもしれません。.

  • Installing/Configuring
  • Multibyte String Functions
    • mb_check_encoding — Check if strings are valid for the specified encoding
    • mb_chr — Return character by Unicode code point value
    • mb_convert_case — Perform case folding on a string
    • mb_convert_encoding — Convert character encoding
    • mb_convert_kana — Convert 'kana' one from another ('zen-kaku', 'han-kaku' and more)
    • mb_convert_variables — Convert character code in variable(s)
    • mb_decode_mimeheader — Decode string in MIME header field
    • mb_decode_numericentity — Decode HTML numeric string reference to character
    • mb_detect_encoding — Detect character encoding
    • mb_detect_order — Set/Get character encoding detection order
    • mb_encode_mimeheader — Encode string for MIME header
    • mb_encode_numericentity — Encode character to HTML numeric string reference
    • mb_encoding_aliases — Get aliases of a known encoding type
    • mb_ereg_match — Regular expression match for multibyte string
    • mb_ereg_replace_callback — Perform a regular expression search and replace with multibyte support using a callback
    • mb_ereg_replace — Replace regular expression with multibyte support
    • mb_ereg_search_getpos — Returns start point for next regular expression match
    • mb_ereg_search_getregs — Retrieve the result from the last multibyte regular expression match
    • mb_ereg_search_init — Setup string and regular expression for a multibyte regular expression match
    • mb_ereg_search_pos — Returns position and length of a matched part of the multibyte regular expression for a predefined multibyte string
    • mb_ereg_search_regs — Returns the matched part of a multibyte regular expression
    • mb_ereg_search_setpos — Set start point of next regular expression match
    • mb_ereg_search — Multibyte regular expression match for predefined multibyte string
    • mb_ereg — Regular expression match with multibyte support
    • mb_eregi_replace — Replace regular expression with multibyte support ignoring case
    • mb_eregi — Regular expression match ignoring case with multibyte support
    • mb_get_info — Get internal settings of mbstring
    • mb_http_input — Detect HTTP input character encoding
    • mb_http_output — Set/Get HTTP output character encoding
    • mb_internal_encoding — Set/Get internal character encoding
    • mb_language — Set/Get current language
    • mb_list_encodings — Returns an array of all supported encodings
    • mb_ord — Get Unicode code point of character
    • mb_output_handler — Callback function converts character encoding in output buffer
    • mb_parse_str — Parse GET/POST/COOKIE data and set global variable
    • mb_preferred_mime_name — Get MIME charset string
    • mb_regex_encoding — Set/Get character encoding for multibyte regex
    • mb_regex_set_options — Set/Get the default options for mbregex functions
    • mb_scrub — Description
    • mb_send_mail — Send encoded mail
    • mb_split — Split multibyte string using regular expression
    • mb_str_split — Given a multibyte string, return an array of its characters
    • mb_strcut — Get part of string
    • mb_strimwidth — Get truncated string with specified width
    • mb_stripos — Finds position of first occurrence of a string within another, case insensitive
    • mb_stristr — Finds first occurrence of a string within another, case insensitive
    • mb_strlen — Get string length
    • mb_strpos — Find position of first occurrence of string in a string
    • mb_strrchr — Finds the last occurrence of a character in a string within another
    • mb_strrichr — Finds the last occurrence of a character in a string within another, case insensitive
    • mb_strripos — Finds position of last occurrence of a string within another, case insensitive
    • mb_strrpos — Find position of last occurrence of a string in a string
    • mb_strstr — Finds first occurrence of a string within another
    • mb_strtolower — Make a string lowercase
    • mb_strtoupper — Make a string uppercase
    • mb_strwidth — Return width of string
    • mb_substitute_character — Set/Get substitution character
    • mb_substr_count — Count the number of substring occurrences
    • mb_substr — Get part of string
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  • Human Language and Character Encoding Support
  • So I’m trying to get 4 queries going on my index. They all work except one of them. It simply doesn’t show up even though I’ve copied all the other ones that do work and just changed the query name. I’m not getting post thumbnail or the_content or errors. Posting the code:

    And here’s my loop:

    I do have a category named “Venues” and I do have posts attached to that category. Beyond all that, I have no idea why nothing under that query is showing up.

  • Check out the codex here https://codex.wordpress.org/Post_Types#Querying_by_Post_Type and here https://codex.wordpress.org/Class_Reference/WP_Query#Category_Parameters
    I think you will find the answer.

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