Nordvpn Pihole

On Linux NordVPN has an option to set a custom DNS resolver. You can just set that to use your Pihole DNS. I know this works since I have some local DNS records I made for my other systems so I don't need to know the machine names and I can connect to them from the VPN machine using the alias. I seem to remember having to brute force it, aka set the pihole as dns in the nord app AND ALSO as the dns in the nord tap adapter settings in the control panel - networking. Polish Vpn Opinie, Perimeter 81 Crunchbase, Cacher Mon Ip Avec Vpn, Add Zenmate To Ucbrowser.


Change OpenVPN's resolvers¶

First, find the IP of your tun0 interface:

Nordvpn piholeNordvpn

On Jessie

On Stretch

Edit the OpenVPN config file:

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Nordvpn pihole settings

Set this line to use your Pi-hole's IP address, which you determined from the ifconfig command and comment out or remove the other line (if it exists):

This push directive is setting a DHCP option, which tells clients connecting to the VPN that they should use Pi-hole as their primary DNS server.

It's suggested to have Pi-hole be the only resolver as it defines the upstream servers. Setting a non-Pi-hole resolver here may have adverse effects on ad blocking but it can provide failover connectivity in the case of Pi-hole not working if that is something you are concerned about.

Use Pihole With Vpn

Furthermore, you might want to enable logging for your OpenVPN server. In this case, add the following lines to your server's config file:

Restart OpenVPN to apply the changes¶

Depending on your operating system, one of these commands should work to restart the service.

Create a client config file (.ovpn

Now that the server is configured, you'll want to connect some clients so you can make use of your Pi-hole wherever you are. Doing so requires the use of a certificate. You generate these and the resulting .ovpn file by running the installer and choosing 1) Add a new user for each client that will connect to the VPN.

You can repeat this process for as many clients as you need. In this example, we'll 'Add a new user' by naming the .ovpn file the same as the client's hostname but you may want to adopt your own naming strategy.

Pihole With Nordvpn

Run the OpenVPN installer again

Nordvpn Pihole

Choose 1) Add a new user and enter a client name

Nordvpn Pihole Extension

This will generate a .ovpn file, which needs to be copied to your client machine (oftentimes using the OpenVPN app). This process also generates a few other files found in /etc/openvpn/server/easy-rsa/pki/, which make public key authentication possible; you only need to worry about the .ovpn file, though.