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  2. Nord VPN Speed Test First test = VPN disconnected (baseline) Second test = VPN Connected (comparison) How do they compare!?! Please Remember to Like/Dislike.
  3. NordVPN showed great performance in speed tests. Just 25% lost in speed, compared to 60-70% of most other providers. Awesome speed is one of the main arguments as to why we give this VPN provider our 'Editor's choice' badge. When searching for a VPN, speed is an extremely important factor.
  4. Jan 06, 2020 For conclusion, according to our tests, ExpressVPN is faster in Europe by 12% than NordVPN; USA by 7% than NordVPN; Asia by 58% than NordVPN; Since we only tested a handful of servers, please take speed tests with a grain of salt as they vary on a lot of different things – your computer, your Internet connection, your router, your physical location, etc.

There is no arguing VPN speed matters. Whether you’re using one for extra security, online privacy, or to stream your favorite shows from abroad, you probably won’t get very far with a slow connection.

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How do you know which VPNs are fast and will serve you well? You speed test them all and compare. Or, better yet, you can let me do that for you.

To that effect, below are the speed test results for all popular providers in the market – including ones whose performance wasn’t good enough to make my fastest VPN list.

CyberGhost Speed Test

Best D/L: 103.1 MbpsAvg D/L: 84.8 Mbps
Best U/L: 59.6 MbpsAvg U/L: 33.6 Mbps
Best Ping: 14 msAvg Ping: 93 ms

CyberGhost has not necessarily had a good past reputation in the performance department. But, speed tests don’t lie and it looks like they finally turned things around.

ExpressVPN Speed Test

Best D/L: 108.2 MbpsAvg D/L: 87.9 Mbps
Best U/L: 105.9 MbpsAvg U/L: 80.6 Mbps
Best Ping: 42 msAvg Ping: 101 ms

With frequent claims of being “high speed” and “ultra-fast”, is ExpressVPN being a little cocky? With one small exception or two, they’re not that far off.

HideMyAss! Speed Test

Best D/L: 78.0 MbpsAvg D/L: 56.7 Mbps
Best U/L: 63.4 MbpsAvg U/L: 43.8 Mbps
Best Ping: 24 msAvg Ping: 100 ms

HideMyAss has a massive number of VPN servers and locations, we know that. But, what good is a huge network if it’s not backed up by decent performance.

Invisible Browsing VPN Speed Test

Best D/L: 95.7 MbpsAvg D/L: 76.3 Mbps
Best U/L: 75.3 MbpsAvg U/L: 42.3 Mbps
Best Ping: 52 msAvg Ping: 89 ms

ibVPN is not the largest VPN provider around by an means. But, despite their size and presumably limited resources, their speed test numbers do impress.

IPVanish Speed Test

Best D/L: 82.7 MbpsAvg D/L: 61.7 Mbps
Best U/L: 65.5 MbpsAvg U/L: 53.1 Mbps
Best Ping: 2 msAvg Ping: 82 ms

IPVanish claims to be the world’s fastest VPN. And, while my speed tests prove them to be wrong, their servers still show some impressive performance.

NordVPN Speed Test

Best D/L: 219.7 MbpsAvg D/L: 193.3 Mbps
Best U/L: 143.7 MbpsAvg U/L: 127.2 Mbps
Best Ping: 23 msAvg Ping: 87 ms

Like many other VPN providers, NordVPN also claims amazing server speeds. And, from as big of a provider as they are, I would not expect anything less.

Private Internet Access Speed Test

Best D/L: 92.8 MbpsAvg D/L: 70.6 Mbps
Best U/L: 68.2 MbpsAvg U/L: 50.7 Mbps
Best Ping: 28 msAvg Ping: 99 ms

PIA’s speed test results definitely took me by surprise. In a good way. It just goes to show you should never make assumptions and instead, actually try things out.

ProtonVPN Speed Test

Best D/L: 86.1 MbpsAvg D/L: 67.2 Mbps
Best U/L: 68.7 MbpsAvg U/L: 50.1 Mbps
Best Ping: 20 msAvg Ping: 87 ms

Despite being a privacy and security centric provider, ProtonVPN’s speeds impress. They’re a great example of how to pull of performance and safety at the same time.

PureVPN Speed Test

Best D/L: 112.6 MbpsAvg D/L: 91.0 Mbps
Best U/L: 46.7 MbpsAvg U/L: 37.5 Mbps
Best Ping: 21 msAvg Ping: 92 ms

After recent major upgrades to their network, PureVPN is now one of the fastest providers in the market. Only a handful of others can better their numbers.

Surfshark Speed Test

Best D/L: 169.5 MbpsAvg D/L: 146.0 Mbps
Best U/L: 85.9 MbpsAvg U/L: 57.1 Mbps
Best Ping: 33 msAvg Ping: 86 ms

Surfshark came out of the gate swinging with very impressive speed test results. We’re talking speeds some much more established VPNs don’t come close to.

TunnelBear Speed Test

Best D/L: 66.3 MbpsAvg D/L: 51.7 Mbps
Best U/L: 14.4 MbpsAvg U/L: 10.7 Mbps
Best Ping: 23 msAvg Ping: 91 ms

TunnelBear’s server speeds didn’t always have the best reputation. And, while there has been some improvement, they’re still not as fast as many competitors.

VyprVPN Speed Test

Best D/L: 98.3 MbpsAvg D/L: 75.5 Mbps
Best U/L: 58.3 MbpsAvg U/L: 46.3 Mbps
Best Ping: 29 msAvg Ping: 101 ms

There can only be one fastest VPN service, and unfortunately for VyprVPN, my speed tests says it’s not them. But, not being number one doesn’t automatically make you bad.

ZenMate Speed Test

Best D/L: 71.7 MbpsAvg D/L: 57.6 Mbps
Best U/L: 63.0 MbpsAvg U/L: 53.3 Mbps
Best Ping: 26 msAvg Ping: 97 ms

Not only are ZenMate’s speed test results rather decent. They also deliver a level of performance consistency across most locations that is hard to come by.

NordVPN is among the most popular VPN services available, which offers users unmatched speeds and performance for unblocking platforms like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Hulu, while gaining the ability to download torrents, without encountering any legal hassles and DMCA notices.

It has over 5,100+ servers in 63 countries worldwide, offers features like DoubleVPN, Onion over VPN, NAT Firewall, Automatic Kill Switch, and Obfuscated servers for maximum security. You can even leverage a 30-day free trial, but first let’s talk about its speed testing results:

NordVPN Speed Test: Overview

For my speed testing on NordVPN, I used a 100Mbps connection and connected to different servers in the US, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. For each server, I conducted an analysis with the Ookla Speed Test tool for latency, download, and upload speeds.

After receiving the results, I plotted all the performance metrics in a table with the percentage changes on these servers, as compared to the average speeds I receive on my 100Mbps connection. Refer to the statistics below to analyze the level of speed loss to expect with NordVPN.

VPN ServerLatency ChangeDownload Speed ChangeUpload Speed Change

US Server

Upon connecting to a US server with NordVPN on my 100Mbps connection, I noticed a minimal speed loss of 6.2% in downloads (93.71Mbps), and 8.8% in the uploads (91.18Mbps) with a ping time of 71ms. NordVPN delivers amazing speeds on all US servers.

Canada Server

Nordvpn speed test free

When connecting to a Canadian server with NordVPN on my 100Mbps connection, I noticed a slight decrease in the speed loss with a 4.6% change in downloads (95.38Mbps), and 7.5% in the uploads (92.41Mbps) with a ping time of 60ms. This was the fastest speed we got from Nord!

Australia Server

Upon connecting to an Australian server on my 100Mbps connection, I noticed a bigger increase in speed loss with a 10.8% change in downloads (89.13Mbps), and 9.3% in the uploads (90.62Mbps) with a ping time of 79ms. The US and Canadian servers proved to be way faster!


Switzerland Server

When connecting to a Switzerland server with NordVPN, the speed loss further increased (but still not that bad) with a 11.4% change in downloads (88.58Mbps), and 12.2% in the uploads (87.98Mbps) with a ping time of 82ms. However, it is still below the 15% change mark!


Netherlands Server

Upon connecting to a server in Netherlands via NordVPN, the results were quite impressive with a speed loss of 8.7% in downloads (91.22Mbps), and 9.8% in the uploads (89.41Mbps) with the lowest ping time of 59ms. The download speeds are faster than Switzerland and Australia!

VPN Latency Tests

Latency is an important metric of speed testing. Typically, if you get high pings, you will face a load of buffering and connectivity issues. In gaming, this phenomenon is quite familiar. If your latency is high, you will receive more lagging and freezing issues.

Nordvpn Speed Test Online

NordVPN, on the other hand, offered some great results. When connected to their servers, the ping time wasn’t incredibly high, as when not connected to a VPN. At the time of testing, I was receiving around 50ms on my standard internet connection.

I compared this average with the VPN latency of different servers. From the results below, you can see that the Netherlands server has the lowest latency of all, followed by Canadian and US servers. All of them stay close to the average I receive from my ISP.

Download Speed Tests

How to check if vpn is working

The download speeds is the main factor that decides how long it will take for you to save a large file from the internet. If you have a 100Mbps connection, you should get the same bandwidth when downloading and uploading files. However, things change when you add a VPN to the menu.

VPNs change your location by cloaking your IP address and giving you a new one, then adding encryption to the connection, as to secure all incoming/outgoing traffic. With this extra encryption passing through a different protocol, your average speeds are bound to reduce a little.

To get a better idea about NordVPN’s download speeds, I conducted a test and then plotted all the results in one location. As you can see, the Canadian server gives us the highest speeds on a 100Mbps network. It manages to deliver a good 95.38Mbps, showing only a minimal speed loss of 4.6%, while the slowest speeds were from the Switzerland server.

Upload Speed Tests

Following its lead in my download tests, the Canadian server once again had the best impact on upload speeds. It managed to deliver an amazing 92.41Mbps on my 100Mbps connection, showing a minimal loss of only 7.5%, which is quite remarkable the say the least.

Of course, the lowest we received were again from the Switzerland server. Therefore, it is safe to deduce that as you connect to servers far away, you may notice a higher speed loss. However, even so, a 12.2% change in the upload performance is not bad.

Nordvpn Speedtest Test

Average Speed of NordVPN

NordVPN speed tests reveal amazing performance with download speeds touching 91.60 Mbps on average and upload at 90.47Mbps. The speed loss is quite less, in comparison to other providers in the marketplace.


People Also Ask

How fast is NordVPN?

Nordvpn Speedtest Login

NordVPN defies all odds to deliver users amazing performance with an average download speed of 93.71Mbps and upload speed of 92.41Mbps on my standard 100Mbps connection. The speed loss is quite less, so you don’t feel like you are connected to a VPN!

Why is NordVPN slow?

If you are connected to a slow protocol or a server far way, NordVPN may not be able to deliver amazing performance. A good idea is to choose the OpenVPN protocol and connect to servers near your location.

How can I Increase NordVPN Speed?

Nordvpn Speedtest Download

Consider changing the server and shifting to a different protocol. For specific use-cases like downloading torrents or unblocking streaming platforms, use NordVPN p2p or streaming servers. Last, but not the least, add NordVPN as an exception in your Firewall.

How do I test my VPN speed?

Close all applications that may use up bandwidth, go to the Ookla Speed Test website and click on the “Go” button. Wait a few minutes and the website will give you clear details on the ping, download, and upload speeds you get!

Will NordVPN slow down my computer?

Nord Vpn Test

No, NordVPN will certainly not slow down your computer. Their apps are free from any viruses/malware and tend to be incredibly lightweight, easy-to-use, and intuitive. Their connection time to servers is also one the fastest in the industry!

Speed Test Google

Wrapping Things Up

With this, we come to an end to this NordVPN Speed Test guide. As you can see, NordVPN manages to ace all of its speed tests on different servers. You can use the VPN for streaming in ultra HD, gaming without lag, and torrenting with maximum speeds!