Nvidia Shield As Plex Server

By default, PLEX Media Server will use internal storage to store library information data (thumbnails, movie information, additional metadata) on SHIELD. Additionally, the new storage will be used as temporary storage used for transcoding and recording DVR'd content. PLEX users with 16BG SHIELD and very large libraries may find this feature useful if they are running low on storage for other apps or to download software updates.

Nvidia shield pro as plex server

Make sure your PLEX app and PLEX Media Server app are updated to the latest versions on the Google Play Store


When internet is down I can not get Plex Server to work on the 2017 Shield. Anyone know how to fix this? Also is the new 2019 model better as far a Plex Server? I only have a 1080P projector so not sure if it is worth upgrading unless the Plex Server part of it works much better, if it does I could move the 2017 Shield to the bedroom as just a.

Migrating your PLEX Server storage location

Nvidia Shield Pro With Kodi


Nvidia Shield As Plex Server

  1. Simply put, Plex is one of the most powerful and beautifully-designed media players you can use, and the NVIDIA Shield TV Pro has offered great support for Plex users including pre-installed Plex Media Server software. Setting up a Plex media server requires you to set up a Plex account and then go through the setup process in the Plex app. Plex has a solid guide for setting up a media server on the NVIDIA.
  2. Nvidia Shield TV Pro 2019. Just picked one up from BB. My first Shield TV, looking to use it exclusively to run a Plex Server. Low power consumption was a major draw over using a HTPC. Plex playback is just 2 devices (1080p), one local on the Shield TV itself (for the TV that its hooked up to) and one other TV that is at another location on a different internet connection (300mbps).
  3. Install Plex Media Server on your Shield through the Google Play Store. You can install to your Shield straight from the web by clicking “Install” and selecting “No carrier Nvidia SHIELD Android.
  1. Make sure your PLEX and PLEX Media Server apps have been updated to the latest version.
  2. Connect your USB storage device to SHIELD (SHIELD 2015 owners may also use the SD Card)
    1. (Optional) Adopt your storage to SHIELD
  3. Open PLEX on your SHIELD and go to Settings -> PLEX Media Server -> Storage location
  4. Select the storage location
    1. Adopted storage:Select Internal (user accessible location)
    2. Removable storage:Select the storage device by volume name
  5. Wait for migration process to complete (may take several minutes, depending on the size of your library)