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Dear OpenCV Developers,

We are happy to announce the public release of Image Watch, our image debug visualizer for Microsoft Visual Studio 2012.

  1. How to build applications with OpenCV inside the 'Microsoft Visual Studio'. Prev Tutorial: Installation in Windows.
  2. To install the OpenCV with Visual Studio, we are using OpenCV pre-built libraries. Here I am explaining how to setup OpenCV in visual studio.
  3. Opencv Snippets - Visual Studio Marketplace Opencv Snippets for Vs Code This Vs Code extension provides the user with Opencv snippets in python. It helps in effectively providing, refactoring and editing the opencv projects in python3.
  4. Dec 29, 2020 OpenCV is the Real-Time Computer Vision library which provides various real-time computer vision, video capturing, image processing, and machine learning functionalities. Using OpenCV with Visual Studio you can build robust applications for object detection, image transformation, video capturing, and analysis with fast C computations.

Image Watch is a Visual Studio plug-in that lets you view in-memory images while debugging an OpenCV application.

First check How to build applications with OpenCV inside the Microsoft Visual Studio. If you still suffer from the same problem, you could be under one of the below cases. Your active solution platform is x86 but you are trying to link x64 OpenCV libraries. Your active solution platform is X64 but you are trying to link x86 OpenCV libraries.

These are some of the key features:

Opencv visual studio python
  • view all in-memory images in the current scope, or pin images to a “watch” list
  • watch how pixels change after a single instruction or between breakpoints
  • pan/zoom, inspect numeric pixel values
  • make quick visual A/B comparisons between any two image regions
  • apply simple operators such as thresholding, clamping, pixel-wise difference
  • supports cv::Mat_<>, cv::Mat, CvMat, and _IplImage types
  • can be extended for viewing custom C++ image types

Image Watch is free and can be downloaded at

A short tutorial video is available at

Opencv Visual Studio Code Python

Also tutorial on Image Watch is available on OpenCV documentation website.

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Best regards,
Wolf Kienzle
Microsoft Research