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Crusader Kings III is the latest in Paradox Development Studio’s beloved grand strategy games lineage. Whether you play a mighty king or a modest count, new challenges await your efforts to expand your power and define your legacy. Crusader Kings 3 - General Discussion. And if he'd just posted the patch to some third-party site I assume Paradox would have turned a blind eye. Crusader Kings III Crusader Kings III. General troubleshooting. Unable to join/host multiplayer due to lack of permissions. Paradox Forums; Paradox Books.

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Tried all the methods that were about and none worked so managed to solve this just in case anyone else gets the same problem.

After reading a bit through the CK3 forums, you might not have missed out, as apparently many retailers are actively /cancelling/ AUS pre-orders now. And Paradox said that they might instate a special late-pre-order for AUS to allow people a chance at the Royal Edition despite the problems faced.
Is there any actual bonus besides the costumes? Because I don’t think I’ve ever really cared what my peeps are wearing when there’s unsavoury things I could be doing to immediate family.
Oh for ghod's sake... I wonder if Game Pass will work?
Possibly, but I’d doubt it. I’ve heard two theories, one that the Australian Classification Board refused to rate the game, which even for them would be bizarre. Although you can do some horrible shit in this game, it’s all in text boxes and extremely disconnected. What I think is more likely is the ACB rated it ‘R’, and Paradox are not fans of that because if nothing else it’ll nuke pretty much their entire advertising scheme in Australia. New Zealand sorted it in time, but of course we can’t.
Quill18 better have a video up by tomorrow night, I need my fix damn it.
I'll admit that I'm not deep enough into modding to be sure of the differences between those mods. But nevertheless, the one linked to does modify the game at a deeper level than the standard mods, and has remained up.
But it doesn't modify the game as deeply as Waffleiron's patch.

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All due respect to the dev there, but that strikes me as a complete red herring. People haven't been asking for a system to let same-sex parents have children, or even an adoption system or the like. (I've personally thought that would be a good addition, but one step at a time.) Just a system for marriage. They certainly have shown the ability to code in a distinction for whether or not people in a relationship can have kids, as evidenced by the fact that you can have a same-sex lover or soulmate and not have impossible babies popping out everywhere. So this dev's objection is completely irrelevant to what people are actually saying.
I believe the distinction the game checks before allowing pregnancy is the gender of the two characters, which I think Waffleiron's patch actually disabled (but obviously I can't check anymore). Another bug introduced by his patch--which he noted--was that it allowed characters to marry themselves. Both of those could be fixed, of course, but would require additional effort and testing by the devs to do so, which is the reason they claim they haven't done it yet.

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Again, I agree with the overall goal, and if he'd just posted the patch to some third-party site I assume Paradox would have turned a blind eye. I'm just not sure how good the strategy of, 'post a patch showing how easy it is to fix (but introducing bugs, which are the stated reason the devs haven't fixed it yet) to the official forums (where it will likely get taken down), and then yelling at Paradox about it when it gets taken down,' is at actually accomplishing that goal.