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I was using PHP 5.4 in Godaddy Hosting. I have one PHP script which was working fine in it. Now I have changed Hosting and New Hosting company Provide PHP 5.6. I do not PHP coding. I am getting err. # yum-config-manager -enable remi-php56 Install PHP 5.6 # yum install php php-mcrypt php-cli php-gd php-curl php-mysql php-ldap php-zip php-fileinfo Important things to note: In case you want to downgrade the PHP version for one reason or the other, you will need to remove existing PHP version(s) and then reinstall the new PHP with modules.

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This is a cool Nintendo NES emulator for Windows.
The system requirements are higher compared to other emulators. Jnes requires at least a Pentium 133 (MMX prefered) and a good video card with 2D acceleration.
For Jnes to work properly, you also need to have the latest drivers (video, sound, DirectX) installed. Failing to do so might cause strange problems.

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Download - Windows

File Platform License Date Size
Jnes 1.2.1 Windows Freeware Jan 15, 2017 502 Kb.

Download - Mobile

File Platform License Date Size
Jnes Android Free, In-App Purchases August 23, 2018 -
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