Php Env Beautiful & affordable weather forecasting tools for professional and enthusiasts. Get ECMWF (incl. 1-hourly data and 6z/18z extra runs), EPS, EPS 46-days, UKMET, GEFS, GFS, HRRR, CMC, CAMS and many more here. Animate, compare, export and create customised GIFs. PHP - Environment Setup - In order to develop and run PHP Web pages three vital components need to be installed on your computer system.

Php EnvPhp EnvSo you have an application in your web space, with a URL such as this:
//' target='_blank'>http://<host>/<installation_path>/
and pages such as
//subfolder1/subfolder2/page.php' target='_blank'>http://<host>/<installation_path>/subfolder1/subfolder2/page.php
You have a file called config.php in <installation_path> which is include()d by all pages (in subfolders or not).
How to work out <installation_path> without hard-coding it into a config file?
// this is config.php, and it is in <installation_path>
// it is included by <installation_path>/page.php
// it is included by <installation_path>/subfolder/page2.php
// etc
$_REAL_SCRIPT_DIR = realpath(dirname($_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME'])); // filesystem path of this page's directory (page.php)
$_REAL_BASE_DIR = realpath(dirname(__FILE__)); // filesystem path of this file's directory (config.php)
$_MY_PATH_PART = substr( $_REAL_SCRIPT_DIR, strlen($_REAL_BASE_DIR)); // just the subfolder part between <installation_path> and the page
? substr( dirname($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME']), 0, -strlen($_MY_PATH_PART) )
// we subtract the subfolder part from the end of <installation_path>, leaving us with just <installation_path> :)

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  1. A primary purpose of setting environment variables in a PHP script is so that they are available to processes invoked by that script using e.g. The system function, and it's unlikely that they would need to be changed for other reasons.
  2. .env file, as its name suggest, is a local where you put all your environment setup, such as database credentials, cache drivers and etc. Everything that is about the server that the project is running, and may have different values for different servers, are setup here. Per example, your local dev environment has different database credentials than production environment.