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Jul 22, 2019 PHP 7 has been launched with exciting features and drastic performance improvement. There is a drop in memory consumption and many fatal errors are converted to exceptions. Note that you aren't installing php5 packages either, but php5.6 – muru May 8 '16 at 21:49 1 There are a number of differences in the packaging and location of configuration files that anyone looking for the old php5 packages would be surprised in the new ones. – muru May 9 '16 at 17:27.

Effective June 1st, Kirin Seafood Restaurant (Starlight) will resume its dine-in service at regular operating hours: lunch from 11:00am to 2:30pm (weekends and holidays opens at 10:00am); and dinner from 5:00pm to 10:30pm.

  1. Download our Dim Sum & Lunch Dine-in Menu.

  1. Download our Dinner Dine-in Menu.

Take-out service (for pick up only) will continue with a 10% discount.

  1. Download our Take-out Menu.

Delivery service is available through SkipTheDishes (

  1. Download our KIRIN SkipTheDishes Delivery Menu.

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  1. Download our SHANG SkipTheDishes Delivery Menu.


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送餐服務請登入SkipTheDishes (。

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Our Starlight location is the latest offering in Kirin dining. Subtle, contemporary and elegant, Kirin's Starlight Restaurant offers cuisine for which we have become internationally renowned in an unparalleled setting. Enjoy an aperitif cocktail or after dinner brandy in the intimate bar lounge or stroll through the Asian garden. With spacious capacity for wedding banquets and large parties, the restaurant also has a dividable private dining room which holds up to five banquet tables. For premium dining, reserve our ultra luxurious VIP room with fixed seating for up to 8 people. The Starlight location is, truly, the next level of sophistication and service in the Kirin experience.