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Top ↑ Simple Backup with phpMyAdmin # Simple Backup with phpMyAdmin. The following is a very simple version of Backing Up Your Database.Once you have discovered how to access your site’s phpMyAdmin, follow these simple instructions. Using phpMyAdmin # Using phpMyAdmin. PhpMyAdmin is the name of the program used to manipulate your database. Information below has been tried and tested using phpMyAdmin version 4.4.13 connects to MySQL version 5.6.28 running on Linux. Quick backup process # Quick backup process. I've installed phpmyadmin sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin. Of course, I have also mysql and a web server running properly. Most trusted online community for.

How to install phpMyAdmin on managed hosting accounts. This article describes how to install phpMyAdmin on a managed hosting account. PhpMyAdmin is perfect for managing your databases, including repairing and optimizing them. All managed hosting accounts already include phpMyAdmin in cPanel.However, if you want to use a version of phpMyAdmin newer than the version included with.

The best way to see phpMyAdmin in action is to try it on our demo server, where you havefull control on MySQL.

Please not change root, debian-sys-maint or pma user password or limit theirpermissions. If you do so, demo can not be accessed until privileges arerestored, so you just break things for you and other users. Feel free to tryany of the phpMyAdmin features. If you break something, just wait a while. Thedatabase configuration resets every hour. Databases are cleaned weekly, so donot expect that your data will stay there forever.

Demo is running on MySQL andMariaDB.phpMyAdmin has enabled additional relational featuresand MIME transformations.

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Login is root with empty password or any user you create.

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Please note that git versions don't have to be working, that's why it's development version :-).

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