Gantry is fast and flexible web theme framework. The RocketTheme team has released an update for Gantry 4 (Joomla 4.1.43 and WordPress 4.1.21).Changelog. PHP PhpQuery Examples PHP PhpQuery - 20 examples found. These are the top rated real world PHP examples of PhpQuery extracted from open source projects. You can rate examples to help us improve the quality of examples. There is also a phpQuery::browserPost function that can better suit your needs. However, also note that the success2 callback is only called in submit or click so that you can fill out all. Option to use phpQuery for parsing (for those who didn’t experience problems with version 1.03) 1.03. Workaround for echo DOCTYPE bug (caused by attributes in the head-tag) 1.02. Solved the not working activation hook; 1.01. Solved bug after live testing; 1.00. Added option for setting title-attribute; Added option for excluding filtering.

Php query result

Phpquery Alternative

How to rename an element and preserve attributes:
// Changes the name of element $element to $newName.
function renameElement($element, $newName) {
$newElement = $element->ownerDocument->createElement($newName);
$parentElement = $element->parentNode;
$parentElement->insertBefore($newElement, $element);
$childNodes = $element->childNodes;
while (
$childNodes->length > 0) {
$attributes = $element->attributes;
while (
$attributes->length > 0) {
$attribute = $attributes->item(0);
if (!
is_null($attribute->namespaceURI)) {
prettyPrint($d) {
$d->formatOutput = true;
$d = new DOMDocument( '1.0' );
$d->loadXML('<?xml version='1.0'?>
<data a:foo='1' x='bar' xmlns:a=''>
$xpath = new DOMXPath($d);
$elements = $xpath->query('/library/data');
if (
$elements->length 1) {
$element = $elements->item(0);
renameElement($element, 'invites');


Manage all external & internal links on your site. Control icons, nofollow, noopener, ugc (User Generated Content), sponsored and if links open in new window or new tab.

WP External Links plugin was completely rebuilt in v2 and has lots of new features, like noopener, ugc and sponsored values for rel; font icons, internal links options and full WPMU support.



  • Manage external and internal links
  • Open links in new window or tab
  • Add follow or nofollow (for SEO)
  • Add noopener and noreferrer (for security)
  • Add ugc (User Generated Content) and sponsored values to rel (Google announcement)
  • Add link icons (FontAwesome and Dashicons)
  • Set other attributes like title and CSS classes
  • Scan complete page (or just posts, comments, widgets)
  • SEO friendly

And more…

  • Network Settings (WPMU support)
  • Use template tag to apply plugin settings on specific contents
  • Set to links that need to be ignored by WPEL plugin
  • Use wpel_before_apply_link-action to ignore your links (f.e. containing certain class or data-attribute)
  • Use wpel_apply_settings-filter to ignore complete post, pages, categories etc



Mysqli Php Query

does the job without complications unlike many other plugins