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I run my Plex instance in a Docker container, and there are two ways currently set up to access it: directly hitting the server with Docker Bridge networking on port 32400. Going through Traefik using an internal host name and https on port 443. Docker network create container:vpn Now (You'll probably need to reload the UI to get this to show up) in the Network Type drop down, select the network you just created, which is container:vpn The above configures Deluge but you won't be able to reach the web UI since the network type is set to 'none'.

For security reasons, you can specify access settings for databaseusers, in order to allow or deny remote connections to a database.Remote connections can be allowed from certain IP addresses. Forexample, if a script running on a remote host accesses a Plesk databaseby using the credentials of a certain database user, then you canrestrict the access of this user to the IP address of that remote host.

Remote Access Msu

Depending on the database server type, Plesk employs different tools foraccess control:

  • Access control lists. For MySQL database users, the access controlis handled by the native security mechanism - MySQL access controllists (ACL). Custom rules are added to ACL. If the Plesk firewall isrunning, then it must allow incoming connections to MySQL. Otherwise,settings for remote connections in ACL will not work.
  • Firewall rules. For other database users (PostgreSQL and SQL Serverusers), remote access is handled by the Plesk firewall. Custom rulesare added to the Plesk firewall rules. If the Plesk firewallextension is not installed and the firewall rules management is notswitched on, the corresponding options are not displayed in the PleskUI .

Plesk adds new rules to the firewall only with your approval. Eachtime a subscriber sets up a custom access control rule, Plesknotifies you about this and prompts you to accept or reject thechanges.

The access control options are available at Websites & Domains >Databases when you add or edit a database or a database user. Fordetails, see the section Setting Up Custom Access Rules.

When a customer, a subscription, or a database user is removed, allassociated firewall rules are removed too.

Plex Docker Remote Access

Enabling Customers to Set Up Custom Rules

To enable subscribers to customize access to their databases:

Plex Docker Remote AccessDocker
  • Switch on the permission Remote access for database users in thesubscription settings (Subscriptions > click the subscription >Customize).

  • Install the Plesk firewall and switch on rules management in Tools& Settings > Security group > Firewall (applicable toPostgreSQL and SQL Server users only).

  • Make sure that Microsoft SQL Server is configured to use dynamicports for remote connections (applicable to SQL Server users only).

Confirming Custom Firewall Rules

After a user has specified custom rules, the Plesk administratorreceives the following notification displayed on the Home page ofthe Server Administration Panel: Remote access rules for database userswere modified and are waiting for your approval. Please go to FirewallSettings to review and confirm the rules.

After reviewing the rules, you should decide whether to confirm theaddition of the custom rules to the set of system firewall rules. UseApply Changes or Discard Changes buttons on the Plesk for Linuxfirewall rules page for not applied configurations (Firewall >Modify Plesk Firewall Rules).


Plex Docker Remote Access For Windows

I have been trying to move from my Phaze Plex plugin to a docker template and having the hardest of times. So I was wondering if I am either doing something wrong or if maybe there is a better docker to use other than needo’s?
I used the helpful guide here:
I get my movies to show but nothing really “works.” For example, if i edit my movies library, I can’t select the language, its just blank and all my Agents and such are missing. Anyone think this could be due to my Plex Plugin not on the right version compared to the docker release? I am on the latest release (9.11.6?)