Plex Docker Remote Access

Plex Docker Remote Access
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Configure a Plex Media Server reverse proxy with nginx on Linux for convenient remote access. The best way to use a reverse proxy for people with dynamic IP addresses is to use a free dynamic DNS service like AfraidDNS (guide for automating), DuckDNS or No-IP. Dec 25, 2016 If you used the correct parameters, you can go ahead and start the Plex container you have just created, using the following command. Sudo docker start plex. After starting the Plex Docker container, you will be able to open the web interface on port 32400/web. In my case the ip is Plex Server Setup I run my Plex instance in a Docker container, and there are two ways currently set up to access it: directly hitting the server with Docker Bridge networking on port 32400 going through Traefik using an internal host name and https on port 443. Hi everyone have been running omv 4 with a bunch of dockers for a bit over a month now have got most things working but am having issues getting my plex docker to enable remote access, is there anything that additional that needs to be changed to get this to work.

I have tried literally everything I could think of, but no dice.
So. I’ve been a Linux user/server admin for 15 years or so. Docker and LXD are both new territories for me, but I have done my best to learn every tiny bit about it in the past week. And anything I fire up with them works great. Emby, a LAMP stack, whatever I want. They work perfectly. I can reach them outside, I can use them, they have great performance.

Plex Server Docker

But Plex.
I set up Plex, let’s say with Docker. I use either the official image, or the image. They start up. I can reach my deployed Plex through SSH forward. Superb. I add my content, match what’s mismatched, it’s perfect. I try to run the desktop Win10 app, or my phone app, or the website… “Connection indirect”.
LXC is really the same.

  • Grab LXD from snap.
  • lxd.migrate
  • lxd init
  • lxd launch
  • go into the container with exec (bash)
  • install plex
  • stop container
  • add port forward + directory “forward”
  • start container

The ports are forwarded.

  • The VM has ALL ports enabled.
  • There is no separate firewall on VM.
  • I tried host, macvlan, port-by-port forward with Docker.
  • tried LXD’s own port forward + iptables.

And as I said, ANYTHING ELSE works SUPERB. Great. Amazing.
Except Plex. It’s Indirect.


Any clues?
Really, ANY?

  • I have about ~200 Google searches in the past few days regarding Plex + indirect.
  • I have tried to ask Discord, IRC.
  • Tried to ask all friends who work as sysadmin/devops, if anyone has any clue.

There was ONE tip on IRC, by a kind fella, who said I should add the local subnet to the “allowed external IP” to Plex’s server config. Added it, still Indirect. So that didn’t work.

What OS did I use?

Plex Docker Container

  • Ubuntu 18.04 and Ubuntu 19.04

Plex Media Server Docker Container

What setup do you have?
I tried to set this up on a dedicated server as direct container. I tried to set it up as a Hyper-V guest with an external IP + separate MAC (ie.: a 100% outside internet connection). I tried to set this up on Vultr with a brand new VM.
All other applications I ran worked great on all of these setups.