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Finally, Apple brought the fourth-gen Apple TV, which ranks first on our list of home media servers without any doubt, however, many users are obsessed with playing MKV with DTS videos downloaded online on Apple TV 4 via Plex on NAS in forums like this one below:. I've installed Plex Client on Apple TV 4, installed the latest update of plex server on Synology NAS.Now, I've questions about. Hopefully the Plex server would detect the lack of DTS support by the client device and do real time conversion to PCM. To get full DTS playback you would have to add another media player device that supports DTS and connect it direct to the AVR that supports DTS, not use ARC/eARC for that.

Hi guys,

So simple question --> How do I turn on DTS-HD and Dolby Atmos and other audio formats in Plex Media Player on Windows?


And yess I have a 5.1 receiver. And yes it has DTS-HD and yess the movie what i’m playing supports DTS-HD.
When I play this movie with another player, my denon receiver jumps to DTS-HD. With plex media player it stays in “multi in” mode , because it doesn’'t receive DTS.

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I know that in Plex Home Theater you could turn DTS and Dolby on. But this app is not longer supported. If you look for it, you can still find it on google. But I don’t like it.

So where can I find this in Plex Media player app in windows?

I’ve tried Plex media player from the windows 10 Store. And also i’ve tried the desktop version of Plex Media Player. Both of them don’t give DTS or Dolby. It has to be some setting.

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Plex Dts Passthrough

Can’t imagine i’m the only one with this problem.