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Plex Local Media

I have a plex server on my local network, gigabit ethernet and it is on the same subnet as the machine that I want to use plex on. Remote access is not working right now (I cannot forward the port on the router), but remote support is not relevant, because both the server and the web client are on the same local network.

Plex Local Media Agent

when I sign into the plex server directly via [server ip]:32400/web/
it works, but it gives me the error message:

This application is at [IP] and is not hosted by Plex. Continue only if you recognize this server and wish to grant access.

Plex Local Media Assets Music

Plex local media assets tvLocal

But if I use and launch, it can never find the server:

[servername] is currently unavailable.
Verify you have a network connection and that the server is online, or see our troubleshooting
tips for further assistance.

Plex Local Media Assets Not Working

Troubleshooting tips don’t don’t help.

Plex Local Media Assets Tv

Plex Local Media

Plex Local Media Assets Music

Server Version#:
Player Version#: Version 4.34.4 web