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Normally, Plex does this translation on the fly, but that can take up precious processing power. This can lead to slow or jittery playback. To compensate for this, Plex has a little-known feature. Plex running slow on Fire Tv. Posted by 6 months ago. Plex running slow on Fire Tv. I've been using a cloud based plex server for about a year, and every 3-4 months the videos start to slow and buffer on the fire tv alone, on my tablets or phone its fine, just the fire tv. The only way I've been able to solve.

Hi all,
I just purchase a TS-451+ and was hoping to offload Plex server to this but I have found an issue/bug (I think) and thought I would check if anyone else has run into this. It seems a little slow to launch the dashboard from any client but where it really slows down is when i use a filter like only showing unwatched items. I have tried this with Roku streamers and the web based interface and I do notice the the screen just sits there for about 10 seconds before I get the whirling icon and then it takes another 10 seconds until I see the list. Without the filter it is much better and the shows start to show up almost instantly. Anyone else running this setup with similar results?

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